Colors of Vision


Vision Board Meditation – Find a comfortable position  Close your eyes, relax your shoulders, and take a couple of deep breaths, breathing in and out slowly.   The Angel of your Wise Self takes a seat beside you.  You are in a safe place.

Before you is a blank canvass.  Begin to visualize what you desire in the next 3 months, 6 months,  or a year from now.   As you continue to breathe slowly and become more relaxed you see a big beautiful box of crayons on a table.  Your Angel hands you the crayons.  You take them out and look all the colors and hues, reading some of their names.   The Cool Colors of Indigo, Pacific Blue, Cosmic Cobalt, Shadow Blue, Blueberry – the Gorgeous Greens, Magic Mint,  Shamrock, Tropical Rainforest, Spring Green, Forest Green – the Warm Yellows, Canary,  Electric Lime,  Lemon, Sun Glow, Aztec Gold, Daffodil – the Bright Oranges,  Burnt Orange, Mango, Sienna, Red Orange, Tangerine  and the Radiant Reds, Cherry,  Brick Red, Ruby Red, and Scarlet,  the Pinks –  Blush, Pink Flamingo, Rose Dust, Bubble Gum, Pink Sherbet, the Purples – Blue Violet, Egg Plant, Fuchsia, Magenta,  Plum, Royal Purple,  Twilight Lavender, Grape, the Browns – Chestnut, Mahogany, Raw Umber, Tumbleweed, Desert Sand, Burnished Brown, Cedar Chest, Chocolate, and the Metallics –  Antique Brass, Copper, Gold, Shimmering Silver.  You decide which colors you would like to put on your canvass as a background.  Some colors flow into each other.

Next you see some of the words you would like to paint on your canvass and the color of your word.  Try a few out and see how they feel.  You can change your mind and choose another word or change the colors.  What are some of the areas that you want to create for your vision board.  Maybe a new opportunity, different job, home, travel, relationship.  Visualize clearly how everything looks down to the colors and feelings.  Who is there with you?  What are you wearing?  Look at the details and textures.  A place near the water, the mountains or city, or maybe a cozy hobbit like cottage with a delicate teapot with a cup of your favorite tea and books nearby.   If it’s  about your business, what does that look and feel like.  Do you work outside of your house or is your business in your home.  What does your work area look like and who are the people and clients you are working with.  If you desire to travel, where are you going or exploring classes you want to attend.  Maybe leave a space for new opportunities unknown at this time to emerge later.

Once you have finished, take a deep breath, and sit back and take a look at what you created.  See yourself entering the canvass walking around and exploring.  It’s like the Harry Potter map where everything and everyone is moving about.   After you have taken time to walk around and experience what you have created, look out at your Angel, your Wise Self.   The Angel smiles and waves back to you.  You nod and whisper a word of gratitude.  You slowly start coming back into awareness.  You gently open you eyes, stretch and Smile.   You may want to take a sip of water, or make notes in your journal.  Thank you for going on this journey with me and may you find peace in this day.



“There are always flowers for those who want to see them.”  Henri Matisse


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4 Responses to Colors of Vision

  1. Very relaxing post. Reading it brought me back to my childhood when one of the nice things about starting school each fall would be the fresh box of crayons my Mom bought for me. It started out as a pack of 8, then got bigger until the grade – I forgot which one – when I was finally old enough for the pack of 64. How I loved those colors! I would take out the crayons, smell them (I still love the smell of Crayola Crayons) and admire the small differences between each grouping of colors. I even loved their names. Thank you for this memory.

    • Maggiemoon says:

      Thank you Alana! I felt the same way when I finally received that big box of crayons. Yes, the smell of those crayons :) – Maggie

  2. Erica Ardali says:

    I am creating my vision board for the first time ever! I always thought that they wouldn’t work but when i see all the clearly successful ladies in my business using them and their businesses are thriving, makes me reevaluate my opinion of them.

  3. Jean Maurie says:

    Oh how I still love crayons. I loved coloring and sketching as a child. I loved outlining the dresses from my paper doll collection and designing new dresses for them. I colored them with crayons and made swirls, polka dots and other designs. This brought back a lot of fond memories Maggie. Thank you.


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