Autumn is a Second Spring

Image 1“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”  – Albert Camus

The numerology for the 12th day of September is a 3, and also a 3 Attitude, when you add the month and day and reduce it to a single digit.  This double 3 vibration is all about communication, creativity, and joy.  Communicate your needs to others – writing in your journal,  drawing, or dancing.  How do I communicate my needs and do I find time to get in touch with my creative spirit.  Pull out your art supplies or visit an art shop, enroll in a creative writing class, painting, or dance class.

Also notice what is changing around us during this season of Autumn and take pictures to add to your journal or post so others may enjoy.  Nature’s harvest provides us with so much this time of year.  We can bring in found objects and place them around our home to celebrate and mark the season.  What flowers are in bloom or what fruits are ready for harvest  in your area this time of the year? I picked pomegranates this week from my Dad’s tree in our yard and put a few on my alter, where I have pictures of my family and other special things.  Yellow Chrysanthemums are one of my favorite Autumn flowers.  They radiate warmth and love, giving us a big hug. Their vibration helps create harmony in our home.  Yellow is the color associated with the solar plexus, the third chakra, the area around our upper abdomen and stomach.  This is our personal power center; where we stand up for ourselves.  One of the gemstones for this area is a Citrine which helps us with balance and confidence, knowing it’s safe to shine our light.

My Affirmation for Today
I communicate in gentle ways that allow me to be who I am.  I allow the child within me to come out and express herself without judgements, free to play and create.

Bright Blessings,




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One Response to Autumn is a Second Spring

  1. Chloe says:

    Beautiful quote and post, Maggie! There’s a vine on our neighbour’s back wall that is just turning red – I love the colour show :)

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