Don’t Close the Book on 2013 – We Have Two Chapters Left!


Here is a link to the replay: Image 2where I was a guest on Diahanna White’s radio show,  Awakening Your Soul, on the Women 4 Women network,  talking about Numerology.  Below is a short recap.

Since we have two months left in this year, let’s look at the energy available to us.  No matter what is happening in the world around us, we can focus on our own high vibration.  We are in a 6 World Year for 2013.  You add the numbers across, 2+0+1+3 = 6,  to find the world year.  Six is the number of the nurturer in Numerology, also about balance and harmony.  It’s  the Lover’s card in Tarot, looking at the choices we make in all areas of our life.  Are we doing what we love?  The energy of the 6 is a good vibration for starting or growing a business.  We have two months left in the year to create some sparks.   A question we can ask ourselves:  What will I choose to nurture and grow for the remainder of the year, in my relationships, business, and environment?

November for 2013 is an 8 month in Numerology.  You add the World year of 6 to the month of November, 11,  which reduces to an 8, which is the Strength card in Tarot.   This is a month to pay special attention to your health, as you may be working hard.  There is great potential for abundance and prosperity during an 8 month.  Tip:  You can carry around the number “8” in your pocket or wallet to focus on abundance in business or financial matters and around health.  When we look at the energy of the 6 for the year, with this 8 month, we enjoy our work but balance our efforts with the other areas in our life, our tribe or family.  A little personal indulgence goes a long way to create ease and a delicious experience.  It’s also a month of gratitude.  Somethings as simple as the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the books we read.  We can be grateful for all the people who create these amazing pleasures and those who are part of the process to bring them to our home.  We can show our gratitude by supporting local and small businesses.  You can start a Gratitude List, if you don’t have one already, and place it where you can see it everyday.  Be creative, add color and pictures to your list!

Stay tuned for the vibes for the month of December!

Bright Blessings,


Our thoughts create the vibrations we send out into the Universe!

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