Angel and Crystal Energy of Rhodochrosite

From The Angels & Gemstone Guardians Cards by Margaret Ann Lembo –
And the message coming through for the end of the week is from the beautiful Rhodochrosite.  Its gorgeous pink energy reminds us of our magnificence, helps us with healthy boundaries, and allows us to love who we are and to stand in our power.   It’s Guardian is the Angel of Inner Strength  the part of the affirmation is “It is safe to be to be powerful in loving ways.  I am grateful for the courage to be all that I can be”.
So, for this week we have three stones we can work with, Smokey Quartz to release what is blocking us, then Angelite to be open to receive the messages that are all around us and Rhodochrosite to realize our magnificence in each one of us.
Believe in miracles, laugh often, love much, create your own happiness, be kind and support each other.  Nameste

To contact Margaret Ann Lembo at The Crystal Garden
On the radio October 23, 2014 Personal Empowerment on Attune Magazine Radio, Margaret Ann Lembo will be our guest.  You can listen live on Oct. 23rd or in the archives after the show, click on the link below.

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