Tarot and Astrology Reading for the Week of May 30, 2015 With The Enchanting – Fairy Tale Tarot

Let’s begin with Once Upon A Time…..Tarot and Astrology Reading for the Week of May 30, 2015 With The Enchanting Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt – Lisa Hunt’s Art and Decks can be found at http://lisahuntart.com


Hi I’m Maggie Lukowski from Maggie Moon Tarot, and here are the vibes for the week!  This weekend on Saturday, the 30th, a 3 day in Numerology, Neptune has his third encounter and square with the Sun and Mercury. Both planets are in Gemini!  This Gemini energy helps clear the confusion that Neptune dredges up from the depths where the visibility is a bit murky.  And we will see more of this on Sunday.  So we might take some time to look at what is real and what is fantasy.  Neptune tempts us to take a little mystery tour, like when the kayak does a roll and we are down under a bit too long; Gemini can help us find our way back up.  Then June moves in on Monday, a new month, new energy.  A 5 month in Numerology when you add the World year of 8 to the month of June a 6, equalling a 14 and we reduce.  A bit of a wild ride, fast energy; you won’t be bored!  It’s a great time to make travel plans or take a vacation.  When we have reached the vibration of the 5, we are at the midpoint of our journey and the month of June marks the halfway point of the year.  The first part of June we are still in Mercury Retrograde in Gemini until the 11th, so it’s an excellent time to revisit our relationships and all the things we started this year that may need another look.  After that, things start moving again.Tuesday we are treated to a Full Moon in Sagittarius, an emotional fire, a time to celebrate everything we have been working on during this lunation and begin our work to cleanse ourselves with the Moon’s beauty and light of anything we need to release.  And on Friday Venus moves into Leo, it’s all about love and romance which is the energy of passion and shining our beauty and light and put ourselves out there.  These two make a most fabulous combination.  When in Lion land with Venus at the helm, anything is possible!

This week I’m reading with the magical and beautiful  Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt!  I love Lisa’s decks, I think this is one my favorites!  It blends the magic of stories told from old and blends in a web of enchantment in our own lives!

So this week the Moon card comes out!  It is the story of Sleeping Beauty, a French fairy tale we all are familiar with.  Lisa’s card is full of dreamy symbolism. The moon’s phases are carved out in the headboard which speaks of the cycles in our life, the cat our instincts, the full moon our intuition and could be our fears, the creeping vines coming up from the ground into the room thru the window and up the bedpost, reality or our external life creeping in our dreamtime, the mountain in the picture can represent our challenges, and the open window and shutters, opening the windows of our unconsciousness, the moonlight streaming in, shining light on the our fears and shadow side, and as Lisa mentions, the sparkles in her hair representing our higher consciousness.  As the Full Moon approaches this week, this card can open up any fantasies, that Neptune energy, and look at the the places we wish to go and our wishes in dreamtime.   We can all look at this card and pick up different feelings.  What are some of the images that catch your attention in this card and what do they mean for you at this time?

Midweek The Queen of Wands, the French fairy tale of The White Cat where a father challenges his three sons with quests, and the one who proves most worthy would gain the crown. The youngest son met a beautifully dressed white cat in a castle and she instructed him on how to accomplish each challenge.  Each time, the father was amazed by his youngest son but would not abdicate the throne to him.  The last quest was to bring back the fairest princess.  The youngest son revisited the exquisite feline and she told him he must cut off her head and tail.  He recoiled and could not harm her but she said their happiness depended on this.  Once done, the spell was broken and she was the fairest princess in the land.  And you now how the rest of the story went.  Yes they did live happily ever after.  What breaks the spell for us this week so we can see clearly?  This Queen of Wands reminds us not to give up even when we feel we have done our best and things are not manifesting on our schedule.  After all we each embody her qualities, just like the Venus and Leo duo, intelligent, charming and warm.  We are not only our own cheerleader but one for others two!

At the end of the week we encounter the Seven of Cups the Polish fairytale of the Glass Mountain.  The story of the brave knight, a glass mountain, a princess and a dragon.  Is the dragon in our life real or imagined that is preventing us from reaching our goals  or may be placed there to help us face our fears and we become stronger. Sometimes there are shiny things that distract us from our plans. The glowing crystal ball in the card is symbolic to help us see clearly, helping us to distinguish what is real and what is imagined.  The roots in the card are a reminder when we stay grounded, we can maintain a clear focus on our initial vision.  This story and card reminds us to never lose sight of our vision no matter what obstacles are in our path.

As with fairy tales so it is with our own lives, and the quote from author Sarah Ban Breathnach resonates with me this month:  “Always remember, it’s simply not an adventure worth telling if there aren’t any dragons.”

And that my friends are the vibes for the week!   If you enjoyed this video, I invite you to click on the Like and Subscribe buttons and share with your friends.   I have included a transcript of the Video in the About section and a link to Lisa Hunt’s gorgeous Art and Decks at http://lisahuntart.com along with a link to and a link and my website, maggiemoontarot.com if you would like to contact me or schedule a reading.  So until we meet again next week, Laugh often, Love much, Create your own happiness, Believe in miracles, Be kind and Support each other.  






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