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Hi I’m Maggie Lukowski from Maggie Moon Tarot, and here are the vibes for the week!   Emotion abounds this week as we have six of the Planets in water signs and a New Moon in Cancer.  This occurs on Wednesday, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, wow, lions, tigers and bears Oh My!   So we might want to stay out of the deep end of the pool, as our emotions can color our decisions. Also the same day that Mars and Pluto come face to face, and Mercury joins the party,  these three can try to put a damper on things but focusing on staying calm and keeping some spacial distance from our fears.  I like to  imagine being in the forest with my worries in a basket, coming to a walking bridge and dropping my basket down on the ground, crossing the bridge, and the further I walk, the basket and my worries get smaller and smaller and I don’t feel the charge around those emotions in my mind or body as I am not as close to the basket and I am able to see things in a different light.  Also on Wednesday Cancer New Moon which is a period of planting seeds and intentions this lunation.  It is ruled by the Moon another water sign so when we make our New Moon wishes, look at what we truly desire for our growth and wellbeing and not be ruled by any fear.  It is also a very nurturing and healing New Moon when we allow our feelings and even tears to flow as they can release any pain or hurt from the past to open our hearts for new beginnings.   So we can write out by hand our intentions in a journal to give them our own energy and to name it and claim it.  As the moon grows, so do our intentions and we see them manifest even after this lunation!    On Thursday, the Cancer Moon and Saturn tend to ground our emotions and can stablize things. Being in nature also helps as it’s the Universe’s healing place.  Or we carry an amulet or a stone that protects and grounds our energy.  I love Black Obsidian for grounding and protecting.

  This week I’m reading with the exquisite Fountain Tarot, created by Jonathan Saiz, written by Jason Gruhl, and designed by Andi Todaro.  The Fountain Tarot  is a new and fresh voice honoring the tradition of  Tarot yet coming from a contemporary experience connecting the worlds of geometry, internet culture, art, and spirituality.  It comes in a beautiful box, and the cards feel good in your hand and the images are inspirational and elegant.  The inscription written inside the box: “You are the voice and the breath of Universes.” Also I find the colors and shading in the cards give depth to your reading.  So let’s get started and look at the energy and messages for the week. 

For the beginning of the week I chose to start with the extra card in the Major Arcana, after the World, aptly named: The Fountain.  This card is not numbered, has an infinity symbol at the top and is titled “Be”. To me I feel it’s element is Ether or Spirit.  It is described as outside birth, death, time and form.  It is asking us to just “be” to feel the connectedness of all things, we are not separate but all part of the Divine consciousness together waking up from our dream, laying down the mundane and busyness of our times and surrendering to Spirit.  It’s message is calling us to be fully awake, releasing control, to knowing we are enough and beautiful souls whole and perfect.  Be open and awake to the messages from Spirit. It is also a amazing beautiful card to enter into and use for meditation and to start the week. In the companion book it reminds us we are the voice and the breath of the Universe.

Midweek, the Seven of Cups, it’s element is Water and it’s title is:  Lost in Choice.  You can feel this from the expression of the woman in this card with the seven cups surrounding her.  Well and we do have many planets in water signs this week which can make our choices a bit more difficult with all that emotion.  It really is great to have many options, because sometimes we have too few.  But it can be overwhelming and when we don’t take action, because we are not sure, it is really a choice.  So I am seeing the message for us this week is to know what to walk away from and what to say yes too.  We may wait until the end of the week when things start to stabilize before we make our decision when we can become clear on our intentions and not allow our emotions to commit to something we might later regret. I usually ask myself aloud when it comes to choices, “How does this feel” and notices the feelings in my body.  I might sit with it for a day or so to see how it might feel in my life and will know if it is a good fit for me.

At the end of the week, the Queen of Coins comes out and the card is titled: Generous Dedication.  She is standing in a lush garden feeling comfortable with who she is, seen and felt by the vibration she sends out and has manifested an environment of abundance shown by the large gold coin next to her and the shrubs are sculpted with a dedication to form and beauty the sacred geometry which is found in nature and all throughout the Universe.  Gold psychology and spiritually represent prosperity and abundance around the world.  There is a golden light from the heavens that illuminates the tree above and moves down into her world.  She is grounded in her own consciousness. As above, so below.  The coin can be our symbol of planting our wishes and intentions on this New Moon in Cancer.  The color gold across cultures denotes, abundance, magic, generosity, compassion, a benefactor and a deep understanding of our soul, our strength and confidence.  The message from the companion book is:  “Trust in your own abilities and embrace your unique way of being in the World.”

So this week, just “Be”, know we can make the right choice and write out our New Moon intentions, having faith they will produce a magical outcome and dedicate ourselves to gratitude and service!

And that my friends are the vibes for the week!   If you enjoyed this video, I invite you to click on the Like and Subscribe buttons and share with your friends.   I have included a transcript of the Video in the About section and a link to The Fountain Tarot, www.fountaintarot.com so you can meet the creators, and see their process for creating the deck along with connecting with them through their Facebook page.   I have also included a link to my website, maggiemoontarot.com if you would like to contact me or schedule a reading.  So until we meet again next week, Laugh often, Love much, Create your own happiness, Believe in miracles, Be kind and Support each other.  


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