Maiden – Mother – Crone


I am using Carol Lee Campbell’s beautiful Crone Stones for the reading.  Thirty-three smooth, porcelain stones come in a velvet pouch with Carol’s book, “Growing Circles, Changing Cycles”,  The book is rich in ancient myths and archetypes.  Carol is a master storyteller.   The stones are amazing to the touch they almost melt into your hand. Crone Stones are a dynamic divination and meditation tool for empowerment and self discovery.

I am using Carol’s The Crone Throw, a three stone spread – Maiden, Mother, Crone.

My general question: “How am I expressing myself while pursuing new areas in my life.”  With a recent, and unexpected event, this reading took on an even more personal meaning.

First Position – Maiden – The potential in this situation – I pulled the Creatrix stone from the pouch.

The Creatrix,  beautiful Epona, the Horse Goddess, is a Celtic symbol of Strength.  She is often seen riding atop a horse or standing beside a horse. She is holding out a cup. Is this the magical cauldron of the Goddess Cerridwen, granting the gift of wisdom and poetic inspiration – the Holy Grail, when we drink from this cup, our birthright in the world is assured – The Ace of Cups in the Tarot, a limited time opportunity, gift of love and grace?  The Creatrix is offering her cup.  Sometimes fear stops us in our tracks and we prefer not to see the cup.  Maybe we are waiting for a different time, and another cup.  If we drink from the cup, then we must take some action.  Sometimes, inaction feels safer than the unknown.  What cup is being offered to your at this time?  This stone’s gift is Strength, call upon your inner strength.

Second Position – Mother –  The outcome in the situation. – I pulled the Otherworld Journey.

This stone reminds me of The Eleusinian Mysteries-initiation ceremonies, Demeter and her daughter Persephone, Hecate, and Persephone’s  descent and adventure into the underworld and back.  They can all become my traveling companions in my Otherworld Journey as I wander into dark places with little glimpses of light.  I will need to spend some time off the wheel, for dream work, meditation, and writing.  And with the help of Hecate, she can light my way while keeping my balance, finding healing and inspiration.

Third Position – Crone – How to bridge between the Potential and Outcome. – I pulled the Speaker Stone.

She is the Eastern Indian Goddess Sarasvati (her name means  flowing one).  Sarasvati Vach is the Goddess of eloquence, pouring forth words like a flowing river.  According to Indian lore, she invented all the arts and sciences” from Growing Circles, Changing Cycles.  The Speaker stone compells me to speak my truth, and to express myself in difficult situations with grace and clarity.  In my situation, take a stand for my beliefs.  It is a reminder of the talents and passions I have to share with the world. I have a song to sing, just as each bird sings its own song, it is perfect and unique. I will take inspiration from this Bird stone on my journey to the Otherworld and when I ride with Epona into new adventures.

A bird does not sing because it has an answer.  It sings because it has a song.  ~Chinese Proverb







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