A Gift of Grace

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At the end of the week the Ace of Cups came out from the Golden Universal Tarot. Aces are new potentials, but what will we do with it? For me this is a card of Grace or miracles. Something that is here for us if we only look up or around. This is the cup overflowing. The element is water and it’s about our emotions, intuition, and feelings. The cup or chalice is pouring water out into the sea and has a never-ending flow. The blue and white in this card is calming and the chalice is a dazzling gold! Since we just came from the Seeker or Fool Midweek, we are on the verge of something new and this can indicate a new love, something of our heart’s longing or a new emotion or insight around a situation, a new beginning in an existing relationship or a gift being given to us or one we give to another. Our heart is filled to the brim. In Anne Lamott’s book, Grace Eventually, Thoughts on Faith, I love this quote: “Sometimes grace works like water wings when you feel you are sinking.”  https://youtu.be/cYwJbjfW7Uo

Wishing you a grace filled day!



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