Tarot Reading for the End of the Week – Step Into Earth Time or Divine Timing

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We can trust in the miracles and magic that nature and the Universe holds for us when we step into Earth time or Diving timing.

And at the end of the Week I chose the card at the bottom of the deck for our message, the Seven of Earth, from the Gaian Tarot.  The Sevens are about doing our inner work and focusing on our goal.  It’s a card of seeds well planted.  The astrological association for this card is Saturn in Taurus.  Taurus is slow and steady and wants what it wants.  Saturn often holds us back to learn and grow learning lessons along the way and we will reach our goals.  In the card we see a woman planting a red cedar sapling.  Red Cedars can live up to 1500 years, grow 25 feet around and up to 250 feet tall, growing slow and strong.  The message in this card is sometimes it requires patience doing our inner work, protecting the seeds we plant until they are strong enough to stand on their own.  This card comes at a perfect time after our New Moon suggesting we do the work, following the rhythm of the Earth, don’t lose faith no matter what outward appearances seem.    When we think of the red cedar sapling planted in good soil and nurtured, it can grow into a giant of the forest, and so can we.  https://youtu.be/4oaHxK1wfmg

Brightest Blessings!


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