Tarot and Astrology Reading With The Art of Life Tarot For The Week of November 21st, 2015

“Her Heart said it’s time to Create – Her Soul overheard and said it’s about time!”

This week I’m reading with the beautiful Art of Life Tarot Deck by Charlene Livingstone published by U.S. Games, Systems, Inc. It comes in a beautiful box that you can insert a card into the front for your meditation card or daily draw. These are large cards which feature treasured works of art from all over the world that includes a quote with each card. I was drawn to this deck because one of my first positions was with a German business woman who would go around the world, borrow pieces of art to put together art exhibitions to tour the world. While I was there, we worked on the Mary Cassette collection that started it’s tour at the National Galley of Art in Washington, D.C where her office was. Although my part was small in this effort, it added to my appreciation of art in all of its forms. The Art of Life comes with a white book and a Creativity Spread which we will use for this week’s reading. So let’s get started!

Brightest Blessings,

Maggie Lukowski – Maggie Moon Tarot

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