You Don’t Need Permission – We All Need A Little Soul Healing From Time to Time

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You don’t need permission – we all need a soul-healing from time to time to recharge and renew!
The Four of Swords was drawn from the Joie de Vivre deck for the beginning of the week. The energy of this card is rest, renewal, and introspection. The suit of Swords is about our thoughts, the element is air and the astrological correspondence is Libra which is ruled by Jupiter. They are both suggesting that we don’t need permission to take a break or engage in any practice that soothes our soul, body and mind. This is telling us that we might need to catch up on some much needed rest, maybe recovering from stress and also looking at the week ahead, we will need to feel refreshed and ready to hold high vibrational thoughts. In the card the Sun is setting and there is a peacefulness during this liminal time between day and night. In the companion book: “Chrysalis has retreated to her sacred cocoon of soul-healing from which she will emerge a butterfly.” We all need a soul-healing from time to time to recharge and renew to feel balanced and ready to see the little joys in living. Take the time, we don’t need permission. You can view the entire video here on my Youtube Channel – Maggiemoontarot

Brightest Blessings,

Maggie Lukowski – Maggie Moon Tarot

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