Tarot and Astrology Reading for the Beginning of the Week – Happy 4th Of July!

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Live your life and risk it all
take some chances, take the fall
take your time, no need to hurry
have some fun, and never worry
live for the little things.

Happy 4th of July for all those here in the US!  And today we celebrate our New Moon in Cancer on the same day under that same sign that the United States was born on July 4th, 1776!  But this year on the 4th we our New Moon is in Cancer!  The sign of Cancer is all our our home and domestic life.  It can be a great time if you are looking to buy or sell a house during this time or any related home projects. Our intuition is heightened during this Cancer New Moon will trine Neptune so it gets that extra boost especially in our creative endeavors. With the gift of intuition comes sensitivity so objectivity is useful here. But it has an opposition with Pluto so if something or someone that comes up for you that irritates or challenges you, look and see if there is somewhere within us we find that too and once we can do this it becomes a non issue.  It may be something is our past that we no longer want to relive in our lives.  So it can actually be a blessing in disguise.  The other gift is the Moon will sextile Jupiter so there are gifts and opportunities this New Moon in Cancer brings.   And don’t forget to plant your seeds by writing your New Moon desires and intentions with feeling.  Feel yourself enjoying the harvest.  The New Moon in Cancer will not come around for another year, so what we plant at this New Moon we will enjoy for an entire year.

In the beginning of the week The Fool from the Mythic Tarot who begins the Hero’s Journey in the Major Arcana and represents the energy of beginning again, starting out on a new journey or he is ill dignified or reversed can represent a “fools errand” or “think before you leap”. But in this case for us he is upright. This youth, Dionysos, is dressed in ragged animal skins of all colors about to dance right off the cliff excited for a new adventure into the unknown. The Eagle perched on the branch above him represents Dionysos’ father Zeus, King of the Gods, watching over him.

As we start our week, we may feel there is something we would like to begin or plan, maybe we have already dipped our toes in a bit but have not stepped up and said that big “Yes” or made that deliberate choice. Sometimes it can feel like we are stepping off a cliff or we may also wonder what will others think of me. Am I ready, do I have the right stuff, someone else has already done that, what if it doesn’t work out as in life there are no guarantees. Have you been there, I certainly have. There is a new chapter coming in our lives. And if we remember, we were all born into this life to create!

And do you want to know a secret, something I’ve found helpful is to remember when we start anything new, is not about us, it’s never about us, it’s not about perfection, we’re here to serve, and call upon the help of the Divine or Love, whatever you want to call it to work through us. For me, the person or people I am meant to work with or be in relationship with will find me. And it has worked beautifully every time and I am brought to my knees in gratitude. So now, what’s hold you back? Step out and be that light and love; your person or people will come.  You can click on this link to view the weeks Tarot and Astrology vibes! https://youtu.be/BEBsxNX8NAI
Brightest Blessings for your week!

Maggie Lukowski – Maggie Moon Tarot

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