Midweek Astrology and Tarot Reading – Keep faith and hope alive, ask for help, and hold those we love a little closer to our heart.

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Keep faith and hope alive, ask for help, and hold those we love a little closer to our heart.

Midweek Mars conjuncts Saturn and squares Neptune so we may need to put on our helmets and headphones, as it has been described – Mars it going full speed at the same time Saturn is putting on his breaks while all this is happening in Sagittarius which rules, travel, maybe taking place in foreign lands, eduction and religion. Virgo can help turning this energy down a notch as she is our humanitarian and can send us aid.

Midweek the Tower comes out. (Published and used with the permission of U.S. Games Systems all right reserved https://www.usgamesinc.com/The-Pamela-Colman-Smith-Commemo…/) Interesting because it’s at the same time the Mars and Saturn clash comes and this card’s astrological association is Mars. It is Key Card 16 and 16 is a Karmic Number, challenges, restlessness and change which can bring deep spiritual group. Shakeups are not expected or often welcome. But they visit each one of us in our dreamer’s journey in life. During this time, it’s our friends and family that can make the difference and support us unconditionally without judgment.
Even though it’s a Major Arcana card, it can also foretell a smaller change that comes into our life. For some shakeups are reinvention points for us. We are coming close to the end of our year, just 4 months to go! There are things that need to be released in this Nine Universal Year in Numerology, as we are coming the end of our Nine year cycle for the new opportunities to open up for us in 2017, a 1 Universal Year in Numerology, our Magician Year!  So keep faith and hope alive, ask for help, and hold those we love a little closer to our heart.

You can view the video for the week on my YouTube channel, Maggie Moon Tarot www.youtube.com/user/maggiemoontarot/videos or click here: https://youtu.be/uurHWWKkaCQ and also subscribe!

Brightest Blessings,

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