All Souls’ Day – Say my name so I’ll not be forgotten…..


Say my name so I’ll not be forgotten…..

Today we celebrate All Souls’ Day when many people have remembrances in their home of those who have made their transition and visit their family and friends in a cemetery at this time, light a candle on the grave and bring flowers.  I have prepared my family grave site this week with flowers and decorations as it’s also my Dad’s birthday today.  I have participated in cemetery walks on All Souls Day.  Some of the graves are so old that there may not be any relatives or friends left.  So saying  their name aloud, they may not have heard it spoken in awhile, they will know they are remembered and not forgotten.   We make small soul cakes to take with us to leave at the graves.   A soul cake is a small round cake or muffin which is traditionally made for All Soul’s Day to celebrate the dead.  Originally they were made with whatever grain the community had available. The cakes, often simply referred to as souls, were given out to soulers, children and the poor who would go from door to door  singing and saying prayers for the dead.  The 60?s folk group Peter Paul and Mary recorded a song based on an old rhyme for soul cakes, called “A’ Soalin”. 

Día De Los Muertos is another festival celebrated in many parts of the World, in Mexico, and in the United States, particularly where there are large Latin American communities. Day of the Dead events, which come in the form of festivals, parades and group celebrations, are held on November 1st to the 2nd  to coincide with All Souls’ and Saints’ Day.   During these celebrations some people wear masks, create beautiful decorations to honor the dead. Some community centers invite people to commemorate their deceased loved ones with offerings that include food, symbols, flowers, candles, photos and other mementos. Altars in memory of the dead are also made in people’s homes.  The skull, is decorated used in celebrations which symbolizes death and rebirth. A traditional flower associated with the dead is the Marigold.  It has been said that  the Marigold represents the rays of the sun, which is about life, so the deceased have not lost their place in the Universe.

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