Tarot Card of the Month for February – The Lovers


“Step out of the circle of time and into the circle of love.”  – Rumi

Card of the Day – The Lovers – Card of the Month-February – Queen Alice Tarot by Dame Darcy.  February 2020 (2/2020) is a 6 Universal month in Numerology (2+2+2=6) the Lovers Card in Tarot.  Partnerships, romantic love, altruistic love, balance & choices. The man in the card represents our daily mind, the self conscious.  The woman the subconscious mind, intuitive, feeling nature.  The Butterfly where the Angel resides in traditional Tarot, the superconscious, divine mind, transcending human consciousness, unlimited.

The energy of this day & month is self-care, loving our inner child.  Ask for what you need.  A good time to incubate ideas.  The energy of the 6 is magnetic.  The code for the year and month is a 4*6.  4 (2020) &  6 universal month for Feb.; create a balance in life while working on your goals.

 A side note: Mercury starts it’s shadow period today before it goes retrograde on Feb. 16th – March 9th. Often old partners, loves or friends can reach out or try to reconnect at this time.  Discernment is important.  Communication, messages can go sideways, feelings and thoughts can create an inner conflict. So a heads up can give us a pause to come from a place of thoughtful response rather than a quick reaction.

 The Lovers, ruled by curious Gemini, the Element of Air, Gemini’s phrase is “I Think”. Integrating our female & male energies. 

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