Nature’s Celebration and Cosmic Magic! New Season-Cancer Solstice, New Sun, New Moon and Eclipse!



“Hold onto your breath

Hold onto your heart

Hold onto your hope

March up to the gate

And bid it open..- ” The Wizard of Oz

The Magic of a New Season, the Sun enters Cancer, New Moon and Solar Eclipse this weekend!  This is Cancer season in the Zodiac; home is where the heart is. It’s a time to love and care for each other. We yearn for this more than ever.  With New Moons we make wishes.  Our Cancer Moon and Solar Eclipse in the North Node offers up opportunities, brings up emotions; eclipses shift energy.  What is our desire and what magic wants to come through at this time?  Hold space and time for the sacred things, the mysteries of life.  Ask for support and give generously.

Our card for these cosmic events!  Ace of Wands –  “Wands signify the desire for growth, the inspiration that moves things, the desire that leads the way…” Mary K. Greer from the Witches Tarot Companion.

The ground is fertile. The magical hawthorn flowers bring new ideas, creativity and protection. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it.  New beginnings; seeing our dreams blossoming.  It’s our work to nurture, care and bring them to harvest. Potency and power is felt in this Ace of Fire.  The castle in the background offers us  faith, hope and the will to persevere.  Card from the Witches Tarot, Ellen Dugan, Artist, Mark Evans

The Witches Runes, Bird, Waves, Gateway, Sun.   Sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction.  News of change to our current flow will bring opportunities but we will be called on to take action and surf some waves. Using our will and focus will guide us across the threshold into the light.  All these symbols are about movement, action and light like our Ace of Wands!

Until we meet again, friends, strangers, young, old, near, far, may you be safe, may you be happy, may you be well. 

Big Love,


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