Here Comes the Sun!



The Sun card  from the Gaian Tarot

When the Sun card appears, we just know something is coming around the corner and it is good.  It’s the happy card; a feeling of lightheartedness, the sun is shining down on our situation, we are optimistic!  The Sun is card 19, and in Numerology 1+9=10 then reduces to 1, it’s a green light, a thumbs up.  Today it was 75, and sunny here in North Carolina!  It’s hard to believe it’s January.  There is something about the Sun coming out that brings us joy and a feeling of well being.  Just as the sunflowers turn their faces toward the sun, we look for that same light in our lives.  What are the things that draw us to the light?  Friends and family with good vibes, reading inspirational stories, beautiful music, a smile.  Sometimes it’s just the little things.  Today I am grateful for the joy of hanging out clothes to dry in the radiance of the Sun’s light!
Keep on shining!


“These things I warmly wish for you.  Someone to love, some work to do, A bit o’sun, a bit o’cheer, and a guardian angel always near.”  Irish Blessing

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2 Responses to Here Comes the Sun!

  1. Alise J. says:

    Very positive uplifting post. I enjoy how special sunshine is in January, too!

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