We’re in Taurus Season filled with earthly delights!

We’re in Taurus Season; filled with earthly delights!  Venus is your ruling planet and she casts her spell with her sensuality, beauty, and charm!  Chamuel is the Archangel associated with Taurus, the finding Angel, whether we have lost an item or lost our way and helps us keep things moving when we are feeling stuck.  AA Chamuel can help light our way, taking one step at a time!

Brightest Blessings,

Maggie Lukowski – Maggie Moon Tarot – www.maggiemoontarot.com    Transformational and Manifestation Life Coach, Tarot Reader, Numerologist,  & Energy Therapist

Happy Birthday Taurus

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Tarot Reading for the End of the Week “No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves.” Ojibwa Saying

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 09.18.17

“No tree has branches so foolish as to fight amongst themselves.” Ojibwa Saying

At the end of the week, two cards came out for us. The Five of Wands and Queen of Swords. Often we might feel with the Five of Wands competition. But it reminds us we don’t have to compete, we’re unique; what we create is ours or we can co-create. Often there is friendly competition as in sports. But when it’s our vision and what we are creating, we don’t have to be like anyone else or compete, it’s not a game of struggle. It’s about being ourselves and true to what we believe in. And that ties in with the Devil card that came up midweek, letting old beliefs go.

And the card that came up with the Five of Wands when I was shuffling, the Queen of Swords. My Mother reminds me often of this Queen. As the saying goes, “she did not suffer fools gladly”. If you came up with a complaint, she wanted you to come up with a solution. And this Queen’s message is that if we come up with contrast or things we don’t want or like, or something happens, which it will, then we sit and think “what is it that I do want”. It’s about going inward and connecting with our Divine Self and saying “ok I don’t like this but let’s see what I do want”. It also points back to the Five of Wands. Don’t necessarily go with the group, come up with your own solutions. Or you just might find a mentor that can help but ultimately it must feel right for you. And when we encounter those stumbles and challenges, which we will, know that they are growth edges for us and they can inspire us to say “ok, now what”. Be curious as to what ideas will come up and hold true to your vision and what you are creating. You’ve got this! https://youtu.be/HDCqTUFBezQ

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“The point of power is always in the present moment.” – Louise L. Hay

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“Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay.” – Maya Angelou

Our Devil comes up for us, and asks us to look at what or where we are holding resistance or beliefs that are not the reality we want to live in. Is it “better the Devil we know” or we’re at a “new level, new Devil”. We’ve also heard “the Devil is in the details”, but I think it’s actually the Angels. We might be bumping up to old beliefs held by our family, or people in our lives that can’t live in or fit into the future we desire. Once we notice this we can choose to change our beliefs and write a new script, possibilities open up for us! We’re no longer a victim, we are the shero or hero, as we know we can choose to create our reality in every moment and we’re no longer held back! I love the quote by Louise Hay, “The point of power is always in the present moment.”

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Happy Pink Moon Day! Our Full Moon in Libra…..

Happy Pink Moon Day!  Our Full Moon in Libra conjuncts lucky Jupiter and Spica our bright star of love and abundance which can bring beautiful spiritual shifts and blessings today! No matter what is going on externally, it begins with each of us internally. Libra offers us a balanced and compassionate energy to open hearts. Being on the 11th, it’s a day where portals can open for us to pass through. ???? Bright Blessings, Maggie

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Weekly Reading with the Tarot of the New Vision

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” – Dalai Lama

It’s great to be back! I’m reading this week with the Tarot of the New Vision along with Kris Carr‘s Crazy Sexy Love Notes for our weekly blessing and a Dice Throw from the Magpie Oracle from Carrie Paris!

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Manifest With The New Moon – Flip A Silver Coin and Make A Wish!


Flip A Silver Coin, And Make A Wish …

Being “Moon Wise” is a great way to get into the flow of Abundance during the month and use the energies of the Moon available to us.  I’ll share some of my favorite things to do for the New Moon.  There is an old saying about New Moons, that at the first sight of the New Moon, flip a silver coin and make a wish.  It’s also said it will ensure prosperity through the coming month!

“When the moon is not full, the stars shine more brightly.”  Proverb

At the New Moon it’s a powerful time to make your New Moon intentions and wishes for the lunation and beyond!  A perfect time to begin a new project, job, be open to a new relationship, create sparkle with a current love and create a new vision.   The ten days after the New Moon has that extra magic and tremendous power!

New Moon Tips:

The night before the New Moon is a beautiful time for meditation and finding time to be in the stillness.  We will be given that inner knowing for our intentions and desires.  Now is the time to tune into the cosmic realm, the veils are thinner where we will find peace and new downloads will be received.

“Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.”  – Joseph Campbell

It’s fun to manifest and to get into the practice of making 10 intentions each New Moon.  I have purchased oversized posted notes that come in the shape of hearts that I love to write my intentions on.  They are fun and come in different colors and you can put them up around your home.  This practice is a great foundation to start the lunar cycle.

I love to take my Moonstone and place it on top of my list, near the window where the New Moon can work her magic.  I also will put a Moonstone in a pouch under my pillow.  You can use any stone that holds the intentions for your wishes but the Moonstone is especially magical for me.  Moonstones are very personal stones, and can assist bringing in what we desire while giving us the added intuition every day.  As the lunar cycle progresses, we take action toward our desires and we draw them close to us.  At the Full Moon, we can look at what has manifested and write “thank you” next to each one on our list!

Each New Moon brings her own magic:

New Moon in Aries – Be bold, go for it, it’s about passion; you are the Child of Spring!  You will feel more courageous and confident.

New Moon in Taurus – Determination is yours; you can manifest luxury and the finer things.  Venus rules!

New Moon in Gemini – Time to socialize!  A gentle, witty energy and time where an exchange of ideas can be just what you were looking for.  Feed your mind with good thoughts!

New Moon in Cancer – It’s all about your home and nurturing; new beginnings.  Leave insecurities behind and listen to your intuition.  A great time to give and receive healing energy!

New Moon in Leo – The Leo New Moon is a great manifestor and as a mentor, inspires you to shine brighter, love more passionately and know that the Universe adores you. Step out on the stage!

New Moon in Virgo – Pay attention to details as you will be given the information you require.  Healing can take place this month and wellbeing is front and center.  Remember you are perfect by being just who you are!

New Moon in Libra – A good time for negotiations and bringing balance into relationships.  Look for the beauty around you.  A wonderful time to create, collaborate, and support each other.

New Moon in Scorpio – A transformative time as messages come through.  Listen to your spidey sense; information can be revealed and resources will appear.  It’s also about love and passion!

New Moon in Sagittarius – Travel, adventure, education and freedom are the energies for our New Moon.  Your secret sauce is looking on the bright side of life.  Thoughts and actions can magnetize your desired outcomes.

New Moon in Capricorn – Your hard work will pay off and be appreciated!  What you imagine, you Can create this month and into the future months!

New Moon in Aquarius – Expect the unexpected and follow your heart!  There is a vibe of freedom and innovation so take advantage of this energy.  New ideas are bubbling up. 

New Moon in Pisces – Dreamy and creative energy flow in!  The focus is on your inner child and children.  A mystical time to receive messages for your future self! 

Wishing Everyone the Brightest New Moon Blessings!

Maggie Lukowski

www.maggiemoontarot.com  – www.harmonylightpersonalcoaching.com  Transformational and Manifestation Life Coach, Tarot Reader, Numerologist,  & Energy Therapist

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Happy Birthday Aries, It’s Your Time To Shine!

Happy Birthday Aries, It’s Your Time to Shine! You are the Child of Spring and the first sign in the Zodiac and bless us with our inner fire, boldness, generosity, and pioneering spirit! Ariel is your Archangel and is know as the Angelic Ambassador of Divine Magic and Miraculous Manifestation. Aries Season is here and it’s time to celebrate!

Happy Birthday Aries

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March Blessing – Tarot Card for the Month – Queen of Cups


FullSizeRender 40

“It is the first mild day of March. Each minute sweeter than before… There is a blessing in the air…” – William Wordsworth

March is a foundation month for us, a 4 Universal Month in Numerology. What we do this month will yield great results because April has faster energy and with opportunities to travel.

Our card for March is the Queen of Cups. Queens are uniters, and this Queen offers us support in steadying our emotions. Our month starts with the Sun in Pisces, a creative time on one end of the stick but the other end can be more emotional. So our Queen is asking us: “What end of the stick will we pick up?” There’s much creative energy to harness this month and there’s also the practical or more daily things that we need to accomplish. Ride the waves and roll up your sleeves marching forward. And remember throughout this month to Breathe!

March Blessing: Become your vision and embrace your inner Queen. No one has to give you permission: you already have the power!

Brightest Blessings,

Maggie Lukowski – Maggie Moon Tarot – www.maggiemoontarot.com    Transformational and Manifestation Life Coach, Tarot Reader, Numerologist,  & Energy Therapist

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Hello March! White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits May This Month Bring Good Luck To You!

Hello March!  White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits may this month bring good luck to you!

white rabbits


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The 2017 Readers Studio – Be Prepared To Be Glamoured!

Take a peek and prepared to be glamoured!  The 2017 Readers Studio, http://www.tarotschool.com/RS17/,  is almost here; I’m so excited!  I’m looking forward to seeing friends again from all over the World along with meeting new people!  If you’ve never been before, it’s an amazing experience and magical event!   Everyone is welcoming whether you are new to Tarot or experienced.

This event is amazing and one of  my yearly educational and places of deep connection with other light beings in the field!    There’s an all day Tarot & Psychology conference at the beginning of the weekend too!  The speakers, artists, and workshops are amazing, educational, and fun.  Each year, Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone, directors and teachers at The Tarot School, add more enchantment and magic to the event!

I hope to see you there and please stop by and say hello!

RS17_poster_360x480 (1)













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