Cosmic Traveler


‘A Dream of a Girl before a Sunrise’ by Karl Bryullov (1799–1852)

Astral Travel Meditation – Find a comfortable position,  close your eyes,  relax your body,  feel a softness move through you.   Take a couple of deep breaths,  breathing in and out slowly.   A warm light surrounds you;  your muscles become more relaxed.  Take another breath, exhale.   You are in sacred space, safe and protected.   Your guardian angel is here beside you.    In your mind’s eye, picture a still moonlit night.  There are a million stars sparkling in the sky.  The moon is shining brightly down on a field of of lavender.  The fragrance of the lavender relaxes you.   You can feel your crown chakra begin to open.   Relax.  You follow your angel into the night sky above the lavender field,  through the soft clouds,  moving through the sky until you see a labyrinth below you.   In this place the Sun is starting to rise and you see people walking the labyrinth and hear the hum of their prayers and intentions.  They are singing up the Sun.  There are trees and beautiful flowers around and along the path.  The trees are like sentinels protecting all who enter.   You let the Angel know you would like to visit here for awhile.   As you go down to take a closer look,   you can see the bees sipping sweet nectar and hear the buzzing of their wings.  You notice some pollen than has fallen onto their bodies.   You see the butterflies at work, pollinating the brightly colored blooms.   Their wings are delicate, they flutter near your face, brushing your cheek.  You are welcome here,  you feel the spirit of this place.   As you move through the labyrinth,  you know why you came.  There is something that you are seeking, something you have been working on in your waking hours.   There is a flower here in the labyrinth that has a message for you.    You continue on, stopping to touch the flowers, feeling their soft petals, smelling their healing fragrance.  Each flower has a different appearance, energy, and essence.  You will know which flower it is.     When you find your flower,  the spirit of the flower offers you one of it’s blossoms to take with you.    You say a prayer of gratitude.    You continue moving around the labyrinth.    In the middle is a small pool of crystal clear water with the Sun shinning on the surface.  As you look up at the Sun it warms your face.  The birds are singing.  You sit down on the soft grass and gaze into the water,  relaxing in the silence.  You see your reflection and your physical body.  You are beautiful.  There is a soft green glow around your heart.    The Angel lets you know it is safe to travel.  You are a cosmic traveler in the Universe.  You can always come back to your physical body whenever you like.    You can think of a shimmering  cord that connects you to your body as you travel  or just in your mind’s eye, you can see your body and come back in an instant.  The Angel stays with you until you are ready to reconnet,  you feel the sensations of your physical body.  Notice your breathing and the sounds around you.  Slowly start coming back into awareness.  Inhale and exhale.     You can easily wiggle your toes, and move your fingers.    Take time to slowly open your eyes.   You feel rested and refreshed,  you are home.   You still have the memory of the flower you brought back with you. You may want to take a sip of water, make notes or sketches in your journal.   Thank you for going on this journey with me and may you find peace in this day.



“We are travelers on a cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity.  Life is eternal.  We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share.  This is a precious moment.  It is a little parenthesis in eternity.” – Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist

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