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On Personal Empowerment for Your Soul last Thursday,  (04/18/2013) Jean Maurie and I spoke with Rick Wilkes of  Thriving Now, about feeling vulnerable, co-creating with our angels, guides, and our tribe.   Rick has a beautiful spirit and energy, and as he said  on the show, the three of us get to to dance together and co-create today.  He also spoke about EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.   I thought about how the topic of co-creating would be represented in a Lernomand reading.   I have included a link below this post  if you would like to listen to the show.

I am reading with The Gilded Reverie Lenormand  by Ciro Marchetti,  laid out on a gorgeous Reading Cloth titled “Legacy Tarot“,  co-created by Ciro and his wife Maria Marchetti.

I selected as my charge card, the card I felt represented co-creating, Card 20 –  the GardenImage 3The Garden represents our social network, sharing and relationships.   In my deck , when I came across the Garden card, the cards to the left and right of the Garden were Card 18 –  the Dog and Card 16 –  the Star.   Image 5The Dog represents loyal friends, guides, and angels that connect as a tribe co-creating in the GardenCard 16 – the Star, takes what we as a tribe co-create and scatters it out into the Universe to light the way and give hope to each other.   Then I wondered Image 4what card could represent our other topic, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  Ahh, Card 5 – the Tree!  In this card, the Tree of Life is depicted with it’s ancient roots.  It speaks of health, it can be illness depending on the cards around it.  EFT can enable the release of emotional, physical, spiritual blocks, and limiting beliefs and returning our vibration to one of health where we are free to seek love, abundance, and rediscover our creative spirit!

Image 2




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Bright Blessings,

“When two beings, who are individually in vibrational harmony with their own Source Energy, come together — the physical experience of Co-Creation is at its very best.” Abraham-Hicks


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4 Responses to Co-Creating – Expanding Your Universe

  1. Jean Maurie says:

    Maggie, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog. I never thought to do a tarot reading about it. How creative! You could do this for all the shows. In fact we could both do it in our own unique ways. You really captured the essence of it all with these cards.
    Love, Jean Maurie

  2. Rick Wilkes says:

    How lovely! Thank you so much for magnifying our hour together in this way. Blessings be…


  3. Maggiemoon says:

    Thank you Rick! You and Jean were my inspiration.

  4. Maggiemoon says:

    Thank you so much Jean! You and Rick inspired me to think about co-creating in a different way. Love, Maggie

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