Exloring the Divine Feminine – Auras – Spirits of New Orleans and more…


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If you missed our show this week, you can listen in the archives!  http://bit.ly/1dnMxpx  Kala Ambrose was our guest and spoke about Exploring the Divine Feminine Principle and What It Means For The Evolution of Humanity and her Webinar coming up on that topic in August; how 2013 is a Year of Transformative Love and what 2014 will bring and how the Divine Feminine energy will affect both men and women over the next decade.   Kala spoke about Auras and how they will be transforming us forward and how the medical community is taking an interest for preventative medicine from her book, The Awakened Aura, her private study and online courses, and her upcoming book signing for her book “Spirits of New Orleans” at Ann Rice’s Vampire Lestat Undead Conference in New Orleans and much more!! You can find Kala’s events at: http://exploreyourspirit.com/events

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Check out Kala’s website for all her classes, events, and webinars  at: http://exploreyourspirit.com/

In Kala’s up coming Webinar on The Divine Feminine, there was a particular quote I loved:  “In every woman there is a Queen. Speak to the Queen and the Queen will answer.”– Norwegian Proverb




Sending light, love, and prayers in all areas of your life and supporting your success!

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2 Responses to Exloring the Divine Feminine – Auras – Spirits of New Orleans and more…

  1. Chloe says:

    That is a great quote! Makes me think of the tarot Queen’s and ways we can have conversations with them, as aspects of ourselves 🙂

  2. Maggiemoon says:

    That is a great analogy that I will remember! Maggie

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