The Seeker – Welcome to the New Moon in the Sign of Virgo!


The Seeker card from the exquisite Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.

Welcome to the New Moon in the sign of Virgo!  With the Virgo energy in this new moon, some of us may be focusing on healing, being in service, starting on a new journey or job, or getting ourselves organized.  What plans do you have for this moon cycle?

The Numerology for the day is a double 5, it’s a 5 day, a 5 Attitude when you add the month and day and reduce it to a single digit.  This double 5 vibration is all about adventure, exploring what is, taking risks.  What a wonderful energy to have available for a new moon.  The overall vibe of the day when you add the day, month and year is 20 which reduces to the number 2.  The 2 holds the energy of insight, intuition and love as we make our plans moving forward.  This is no ordinary 2.  Before we reduced the 2, we are looking at 20.  The 0 behind the 2 gives us a blessing for today.   In Tarot, the 0 is the Seeker or Fool card – our possibilities are unlimited!   This is a day to make a wish for your journey going forward!

Affirmation –   My intuition is whispering ideas to me.  I am curious and  excited to explore the unknown, and the adventures that are in store for me.  As I go forward, I am completely safe and protected, loved and blessed.  I have everything I need.  Bright Blessings to everyone today.  Shine!



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