Blue Goldstone – Working with Archangel Michael

On Sunday, September 29th we celebrated Michaelmas – The Feast of Archangel Michael.  I work with a beautiful Blue Goldstone when calling on the help of Archangel Michael. Royal Blue and Purple are colors associated with his energy.   This stone is often called monk’s gold,  monkstone, or aventurine glass,  blue in color with tiny flecks of copper that sparkle.

The folklore around the Goldstone, is an Italian monk in the 17th century was making glass in the monastery and copper flakes accidentally fell into the molten glass and this produced the goldstone.  There was also a legend that the Goldstone was created by alchemists.  Another common color of the goldstone is reddish-brown.

Image 1The Blue Goldstone can be used for learning, communication, courage, protection, and confidence.  The metaphysical properties of the copper in the glass can have healing effects especially with easing arthritis pain, aids the circulatory system, helps reduce inflammation, and has a calming energy, stabilizing moods.  The copper acts as an energy generator which I use in long distance energy sessions.  You can also visit me at Harmony Light Reiki.

The message from Archangel Michael is to remember our power.  It is our gift from the Divine and when we use it fearlessly, we can help inspire others to live a life of love rather than fear, following our soul’s purpose.

Love, Light, and Blessings,


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