Embracing Pleasure


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ImageVibrations for the Month of October –  Today is a 3 day in Numerology.  The three’s vibration is one of creating and pleasure, and additionally, the new moon in Libra starts tomorrow.  The Empress in the Tarot is key card 3.  She is associated with Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and pleasure, which rules Libra.  We are in the sign of Libra, and Libra rules relationships.  How are we embracing joy and owning our own beauty?  In The Feminine Magic Academy this week Elizabeth Purvis was focusing her class on the subject of Pleasure.  We often say no to pleasure. We are taught to work hard and study but often, no one taught us about pleasure.   Pleasure is right in front of our nose.  The universe is giving us winks and nods and some just say no, no.   Elizabeth shared a quote from Mama Gena,  a teacher and author.   The quote begins :  “Many of us have almost forgotten a life of pleasure can exist.   And what I have found has proved to be amazing, beyond anything I could have dreamed.  I learned that the pleasure women are capable of, that energy, is the greatest untapped natural resource on this planet.  I discovered that when a woman is happy and fulfilled, those around her share the rewards. A gratified woman can be the source of a whole community’s joy and prosperity.”  From the book: “Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts”.

I love that!  And finding pleasure can be a source of joy for either gender.   So what will you take pleasure in today, tomorrow, or next week?  During this new moon in Libra, what actions will you take to bring pleasure and joy into your relationship with yourself?

I take pleasure arranging flowers, sipping rose petal tea, curling up with a good book, an evening walk, or wearing an exquisitely soft silk scarf.

When we start to embrace pleasure and let her in, our vibration rises, and we attract those relationships or situations in our personal life or career that enjoy this delicious experience as well.  Those people or situations that do not hold that vibration are released.   It’s exciting to make a conscious choice for joy and pleasure!

Bright Blessings,


“To affect the quality of the day, that is the highest of arts.”  – Henry David Thoreau

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