We Are Unlimited In Our Potentiality and Divinity

“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.  Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.”  – Pamela Vaull Starr

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Eight of Fire from the Gaian Tarot http://gaiantarot.com

Today is October 17th, an 8 day in Numerology.  A day of abundance and manifesting!   I love when 8 days come around; I’m an 8 Life Path!  When we combine tomorrow’s  Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aries, we have some serious energy around manifesting, possibilities, and increasing our awareness.  What do we want to manifest, what are our desires?  What is our personal vibration?  Are our thoughts, emotions, and environment in alignment with what we desire?  The Eight of Fire asks us to stay open to inspiration and take action!

Before I retired, I went to a psychologist to talk about downsizing, working less hours and how that would all play out.  This was before the movie The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman came out.  I posed the question, if I had 1 year, 2  years, or 5 years to live, what did I want to accomplish.  We had conversations about my deepest  heart’s desires, but I never wrote anything down.   I wanted to work my last year with the corporation part-time.  For a salaried employee this was not always an option.  But I put in my request and my proposal was accepted.  After I retired, I knew I wanted to continue to learn new things and work.  I wanted to continue my work  as an Empath, engage with the Hospice organization, work around books, (my dream job was working in the library when I was going to school), and also travel.

When I retired, a friend of mine was taken ill.  I helped her out and then Hospice came into the home and I worked along with the Hospice team.  After my friend made her transition, I did not have any specific plans.   One day while waiting for my car to be serviced, I walked to a nearby bookstore to browse, and decided to put in an application for a part-time position.  I stayed there for a couple of years, loving being around books and authors,  and interacting with the customers.  Shortly thereafter, my husband and I purchased a used RV and have been traveling ever since.

These were all my stars that were sent out into the Universe.  I always felt that everything was possible even though a way had not been shown at the time.  I had wonder and excitement about what lay ahead for me just like the awe we feel when we view a meteor shower shown in the Eight of Fire!   Many other amazing things happened that I never imagined at the time or discussed during the time with my counselor.  But one thing I know for sure, and that is, we are all born to be magnificent  manifesters!

When you turn the number 8 on it’s side, we see the infinity symbol.  There is no beginning or end, it’s limitless.   The flow of energy never stops.  Time and space has no end.  We are unlimited in our potentiality and divinity.

Bright Blessings,


“Nothing happens unless first a dream.”  ~Carl Sandburg


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