When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, May luck be yours on Halloween!

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
May luck be yours on Halloween  ~ Author Unknown

As the leaves swirl around and the wind blows, this time of year starts a flurry of activity in our lives.  Over the next several months, we will participate in holiday events with family, friends, and coworkers.  This means preparation, along with our responsibilities at work, school and daily life.

Let’s look at the upcoming months with a sense of humor with the Halloween Tarot.   I asked  the question:  “What energy do we want to bring with us in the months ahead, and what advice and challenges are offered.  If we follow this path, what might be the outcome.

The Halloween Tarot Deck uses:

Cups: Ghosts
Wands: Imps
Swords: Bats
Pentacles: Pumpkins

What’s This About?

                                                    Ten of Imps 

This hunchback has overburdened himself with too many Imps.  He is desperately trying to hold on to all the Imps while one has managed to escape.  The Hunchback has one eye planted on that errant Imp. Has he overburdened himself with one too many Imps?  Maybe.  The Halloween Cat skulks in the background observing, quietly passing by.  The Moon, might reveal that you take an objective look at the situation and what you plan to take on in the coming months.  Is this card a foretelling what might happen when you overburden yourself, stress, burnout?  Historically hunchbacks have been deemed assistants and helpers.  Are you saying “Yes” to others, wanting to be helpful, before thinking of the consequences?  Maybe you could delegate some of what you would like to get done.  And maybe it’s ok to let that one Imp go.



Knight of Pumpkins Reversed

In this reversed position, internally you seem to be stuck. Are you are looking back to the past, feeling less confident? Some grounding and focus is needed here. Once you reverse your internal direction, the Knight is focused and facing the future ready to move forward.  The Halloween Cat is not only along for the ride but he has your back.  You have an ally during this challenge.  Get out and enjoy the parties.  Maybe you don’t realize it but you are a source of strength to others.





Eight of Imps

If you look closely, the Halloween Cat looks out from his window in the distant house, (lower right), as eight Imps fly across the night sky in his direction.  Excitement is in the air; something wicked good is coming your way.  Feel the sparks and grab some of that energy. The stars are out; make a wish!







Ace of Imps

A thumbs up; the green light! You have the energy needed to enjoy the months ahead.  The Imp in his merriment is being held by the ghostly purple hand so this moment won’t fly away.  There will be an opportunity to be creative and express yourself, play!  The Halloween Cat is there to remind you not let this occasion pass you by.  You can build on this new energy and inspiration to move into the New Year.



They that are born on Halloween shall see more than other folk. ~Saying of unknown

Halloween Blessings,


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