Rune For The Week – Ansuz – Odin’s Rune

ansuzThe Rune that came up for this week is – Ansuz, the Messenger Rune which is Odin’s rune -Wisdom, Communication, Messages controlled by the Divine. It associated with the Ash Tree, color is dark blue and Herb is Fly Agaric or commonly called Fly Mushroom. It’s gemstone is Emerald and Astrological Association is Venus. All the messages we seek are here for us. Just look around, they may come in the most unexpected forms. Even if it’s a message that we don’t particularly like, it has something to teach us. If this Rune is reversed, it may be a message from Loki, the trickster, all that glitters is not gold.

From Mary Nale’s Rune Deck – Rune deck is available at or contact her on FB

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