Tarot – The Caterpillar- The Hierophant- from the Alice Tarot

Midweek the Hierophant appears represented by the Caterpillar resting on top of a giant mushroom and smoking a hookah pipe This card speaks of rules, convention, standing on tradition teaching or learning. In the story the Caterpillar is always giving advice and there is a bit of hubris about him, a bit of a know it all and he speaks in riddles. He asks Alice to recite a poem which he quickly tells her she is doing it all wrong, then tells her that that eating different sides of the mushroom will make her smaller or tall and she can’t quit get that right either We may come upon someone this week or a group who like the Caterpillar, seems to come from a place of authority and shakes us up a bit and can throw us off balance. It usually happens on a day or time when we are feeling a bit unsure of ourselves or have gone thru a rough patch. So we may want to evaluate if we really want to be a part of this energy. We know who we are, so no one can really shake us up or take our power away unless we allow it.

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