Tarot Mini Reading – The Alchemist

Tarot Mini Reading – The Alchemist, finding that creative balance and fire within!

The card that comes up midweek is the  Fferyllt, or Temperance in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.  a Druid Alchemist that combines different elements to bring a creative balance into being. In the card Brigid, the Goddess of the Flame, triple goddess ruling healing, poetry, and smith craft is blending a red and white liquid over her cauldron.  Her herbs are drying from the rafters with the magical fairy stones or hag stones for protection.     She can be our Ally after going through the balancing act with Two of Pentacles, learning to blend the different parts of our world to come up with an Alchemical mix that brings us in balance.  She reminds us of the goddess in us that holds that magic, of regeneration, creativity, and illumination to bring beauty, transformation into our lives and to keep our fire burning.  So this can be an auspicious sign for our week that we will be our own Alchemist along with maybe a little help from someone that we meet.

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