Eternal Truth Revealed from The Ascension Oracle

The Ascension Oracle by Natalia M. Schotte, Ph.D. with Djwal Jhan at

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I have been working with this exquisite deck for the past several weeks, and what a joy receiving messages of light and inspiration.  I plan to record a video this month using the cards, but I wanted to draw a card for this week’s energy.  The card is: “Eternal Truth Revealed – Iris “Owlet’.  It comes as the Full Moon in Leo shines her light today!  The energy in the card speaks of a  time of completing a phase of spiritual development – something is revealed before progressing to the next level.  It may be challenging but facing it, and healing, allows us to let go of what no longer serves us so we can move to the next spiritual level.  The releasing and non-attachment aspect makes our journey easier.  The affirmation in the companion book for this card:  “It is time to open the door to a new life, one you most certainly embrace and celebrate in time”.

I enjoy using and working with flower essences along with the Oracle to enhance the energy for my spiritual development and they gently help with shifts in my subtle energy system which clears blocks in my emotional and physical body.  La Vie de la Rose has a beautiful collection to choose from. You can find the Ascension Oracle along with flower essences at:

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