Put On Your Raincoats – Midweek Energy Report!

16-lightningThe Midweek energy is represented by Lightning from the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert or traditionally the Tower card, a sudden change. Emotional breakthroughs, and clearing out what no longer serves us. Often when change occurs, there are new opportunities of reinvention that we may not have seen before or would not have risked. The Lightening card can portend something big happening in our personal life or globally, or on a smaller scale a flash of inspiration. The card in the Major Arcana in Tarot that came before Lightening was the Bindweed or Devil which describes a life out of balance. Something must be released. During a storm, ozone is increased in the atmosphere which can clear the air which can help with relationships in our life. In the companion book, Joanna tells the story that in Celtic folklore, a tree that survives a lightening strike often flourishes afterward. People take a pieces of the fallen tree to bless their homes and for good luck. So in our lives midweek, we can prepare for some changes that can clear the air, even the unexpected ones because we too can flourish and rebuild, and we might receive flashes of inspiration that we have been looking for. And we know what follows this card in the Major Arcana, The Star, which is one of our hopes and dreams along with healing.

Bright Blessings,


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