Tarot & Astrology Reading for the Week of March 14, 2015 – Big News In The Heavens!

This week there is big news in the heavens!  Today, Saturday, March 14, Saturn goes Retrograde thru the 2nd of August.  Saturn often referred to as the, Father of Time, Saturun is about how we conduct our affairs, structures, hard work, rules, responsibilities, discipline and boundaries.  When retrograde we re-examine our commitments and responsibilities.  Where has this led us on our karmic path. We might want to think before we say Yes in areas of making commitments.  If we are someone who thrives in structure this may seem to be a bit of uncertain time because the rules may be blurred.  But as with any Retrograde, it’s a good time to reflect, all the re words on what our structures, responsibilities and boundaries have been, how this has played out in the past, past lives, present and what we want our for our future and is it in alignment with our soul’s purpose.   Monday on March 16, will be the last big clash between Urinus Uranus and Pluto that started back in 2012 because Uranus will begin to move out of Pluto’s sight until 2046.  This is a shock and awe energy and powerful events around this square.  Pluto has been about transformation not only in our personal lives but in the world and has really shaken things up.  Pluto is asking to look at ourselves, without excuses, sere the truth, “are we following our soul’s path.”  Since Pluto will remain in Capricorn until 2026, he will be relentless on his mission.   Uranus has been in the sign of Aries and will be pass through until 2019, is has been showing us, we need to move in a new direction often with quick changes in our lives, and surprises.  These two together, turn up the flame.   Some of this has been painful and hard but we are on the dawn of new beginnings but we must take the time to heal for us personally and universally, and rise like the Phoenix.  This does not happen through magical thinking, action is required.    On March 20, Friday, the Spring Equinox where the Sun crosses the equator, equal amounts of day and light reminding us to look at balance in our lives, a Super New Moon in Pisces, which is closest to earth, strong emotional pulls, and chance to plant our seeds of intention and in a total Solar Eclipse in Pisces in the 12 house, which can bring up a lot of energy from all parts of the sprectum.  Pisces is an emotional sign, and it’s placement at 29 degrees, the last degree and being in the 12 House, the last house in the zodiac is about endings and mastery.  The Sun moves into the Sign of Aries, the first sign in the zodiac later in the day marking the first day of Spring, new beginnings.  So Happy Birthday to all those born under this sign.

For the reading this week I am using The Radiant Rider-Waite Deck from U.S. Games, http://www.usgamesinc.com/ a smaller version that comes in a tin!  It is a perfect size, 3 5/8 x 2 1/4 for travel and smaller hands and large enough to see the details.  The colors are vibrant, they are easy to shuffle and feel good in your hands. I love the decks in a tin since they are so convenient to put in your pocket or bag and also working nicely for small spaces at a venue doing a large spread and the colors are bring for dimly light areas too.   So let’s begin!

At the beginning of the week  we see the energy of the Eight of Pentacles or Discs.  In this card you see a master craftsman or artist working on a project, commission.  Eight is the energy of organizing, taking action to manifest our vision into reality.  And being it’s in the suit of Pentacles or Discs, it’s about something in the physical realm, our money, work, projects.  We can also look at it as prioritizing our resources to make our vision happen.  So in the beginning of the week we feel more movement and active energy coming about.  We are organizing and taking action to our dreams will manifest.  The energy of Pentacles keep us grounded, are a slower energy but steady.  It’s great energy to keep us focused on our our work or projects and paying special attention to detail.  For some it can indicate going back to school or attending a class to further our skills.  For me this card can represent that feeling of being in the zone when working towards a goal and when we look up, time has flown.  The Astrology correspondence for this card is the Sun in Virgo.  Virgos like pay attention to details, practical and are about being in service.   The 8 in the card also corresponds to the Strength card and can give us encouragement, that yes we have the strength, passion, and devotion for success.

The Midweek energy is represented by the High Priestess, on the the Major Arcana cards in Tarot.  She invites us midweek to step through the veil into expanded consciousness and let go of the distractions of the world around us which, as we let go it opens us up to the land of dreams, visions, and symbols.  Write down our dreams or symbols and see or feel what they are telling us.  She talks to us about balance in our life, and how tuning in through meditation and prayer, walking in nature, being still and quiet, we can hear that still small voice and that inner knowing.  Also about  the mysteries and secrets that are revealed in the silence and trusting our intuition. And in Numerology it’s the two, balance, the feminine and masculine, conscience and subconscious, tapping into our psychic abilities.  When we see the 2 we can also examine areas in our lives or in others where we have relationships any co-dependency issues that can cloud us from seeing our inner High Priestess.   Her Astrological correspondence is the Moon, which is the ruler of our emotions and reflects our inner light.  This is not a card of action but introspection and telling us midweek to take our time on any things we are considering, there is no need to rush what has been hidden will be revealed to us.

At the end of the week, Five of Wands comes up.  In the card you see five boys in a competition brandishing wands.  Five is the midpoint in the suit and than is often where we do find our challenges.  These can be internal challenges or ones in our daily life, those buttons that get pushed.  There is a lot of energy this week vying for our attention.   We may feel a bit of confusion or struggle in financial affairs, work, relationships or aligning ourselves spiritually with our life path or mission.  It comes at the same time as our Solar Eclipse, the New Moon, First day of Spring and when the Sun moves into the sign of Aries, that fiery energy.  And the card reminds us of the Uranus and Pluto final clash, where the wands are put down, the conflict is over which can bring about the need for change and transformation, to move forward.  So we have great opportunities this week as the energy changes. The Astrological correspondence for this card is Saturn in Leo.  Saturn wants to restrict or limit, where Leo wants to shine so we must break through this conflict that can block our progress to open the door to opportunities and success.  And since the big card in this reading is from the Major Arcana is the High Priestess, she reminds us no matter what is happening around us, take a break, go within and you will find the way.

Since this is such a big energy week, I pulled a card from from The Angels and Gemstone Guardians Cards  http://www.margaretannlembo.com/ by Margaret Ann Lembo.  Smokey Quartz – The Angel of Transformation – came up which is perfect for our week.  Smokey Quartz holds immense light within it which help us see our inner light, grounds and protect us, aids us in letting go of our past, can help us remove blocked emotions, anger or resentment that prevent us from moving forward.  Smokey Quart allows transformation to do it’s work in our lives, frees us up to be able to live more freely and fully.  And the affirmation on the back of the card from the Angel of Transformation is:  “I am free of emotional baggage like a butterfly that has emerged from a cocoon.  I now enjoy a state of emotional balance.  I fully accept this transformation and continue to allow my feelings to make themselves known to me.”

Bright Blessings,


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