The Enchanted Map – Where Are You On Your Journey?


This week I am reading using the oracle cards from “The Enchanted Map” by Colette Baron-Reid.  Earlier this summer I read Colette’s book “The Map: Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life” and looked forward to the release of Colette’s Oracle Cards.  The card’s illustrations by Jena DellaGrottaglia, are gorgeous, whimsical, and draw you into the Spirit of the landscape.  The Guidebook that comes with the cards, gives you both upright and reverse meanings taking you on a journey through magical places where you meet allies that become touchstones on your journey.  You will recognize some of the characters and places from your own map.  Although The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards and Guidebook can stand alone, I highly recommend Colette’s book.


I wanted to take a look at the energy for the upcoming week.  I pulled three cards, one for the beginning, middle, and end of the week. I have something particular in mind for my week and maybe this will resonate with something that is going on for you too.


Wishing Well (Beginning of the Week)

“Desire is the sacred impulse for life.  Feel it, but let go of all attachment to ownership” – The Enchanted Map


Intent is the focus for the beginning of the week.  In the card a woman has flung her coin into the well, making her wish, and letting it go out into the Universe.  This card reminds me of a practice I utilized in the past.  You write your intentions for the year, for example, relationships, health, career, or money, being very specific, and close with the phrase “This or something better for the highest good for all concerned”.  Place in an envelope and put it away to be opened later in the year.  I had amazing results with this exercise.  I was in a troubled relationship that I needed to walk away from but was unsure if I had the courage, and wanted it to end with peace in my heart.   That year I had a smooth transition ending the relationship.  Another year I had an income request and wrote the exact amount I needed to increase my salary that year. During the year I received a promotion and several pay increases and at the end of the year when I opened my letter, I had written that exact amount to the thousand. There are many other occurrences of this happening and the good news is you don’t have to do this on a yearly basis.  Just write your intent and put it away, release it to do it’s work.  The saying, “Where focus goes, energy flows”,  is key to the beginning of the week.


Ghostlands (Midweek) 


“You can learn from the past and imagine a beautiful future, but you must live in the here-and-now.” – The Enchanted Map




After we tossed our coin into the Wishing Well in the beginning of the week and released our intention out into the Universe, it’s tempting midweek to engage in daydreaming.  After all, a daydream can be lovely, revisiting the past and dreaming of the future.  Beware, if stay too long; you will find that you have wandered into the Ghostlands.  I have been a visitor to this place. There is no emotional growth or substance here.  You are living in your head, procrastinating and not doing the work; you can’t live here.  Just like in meditation, where you are aware of the sounds around you and chatter in your head, you gently bring yourself back to being present in the moment.  The same is true when you find yourself in the Ghostlands.  You can leave this landscape by walking between the pillars and bring your awareness back to the Present. This card reminds us that our power is always in the Now.



Home (End of the Week)

“You are comfortable in your own skin, you belong.” – The Enchanted Map


Home for me is a place of security, comfort, a place to heal, a place to be loved and love, and being with people who make you feel at home, your Tribe.  Being a nester and a gypsy, home is my physical house and it is also within me where ever I go.   As we make our journey through the week, no matter where we find ourselves on our own Map, we can always point our compass toward home or take from our pocket a touchstone to remind us, no matter the place, the feeling of home can be inside us.  Then, when you hear the wind blowing, feel the chill on your skin, and feel the restlessness begin, you can start on a new adventure knowing you are never far from home.

“Close you eyes and tap your heels together three times, and think to yourself, there’s no place like home.” – The Wizard of Oz












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2 Responses to The Enchanted Map – Where Are You On Your Journey?

  1. pete koning says:

    i’ve started using these cards to help guide me intuitively. I’ve had success with them spiritually, emotionally and practically (of all things (!).

    I misplaced my wallet yesterday and on a whim, after sorting the cards 11 times (not sure why, but that number works for me), asked where I would find my wallet. The card I picked was 27. Home. Sure enough I found it in my backpack, at home.

    I believe. 🙂 My readings with others have been equally enlightening. And fun.

  2. Maggiemoon says:

    Pete, I especially like the Home card, there are so many symbols and the card just feels good when you look at it. I find it interesting that you sort 11 times. Since 11 is a master number in numerology, and it’s vibration is about intuition, teaching, spirituality, and illumination for people, it’s a perfect match. Maggie

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