Weekly Astrology and Tarot Reading for the Week of April 4, 2015 With the Steampunk Tarot

Weekly Tarot Reading for the Week of April 4, 2015 With the Steampunk Tarot byBarbara Moore and Aly Fell published by Llewellyn http://www.llewellyn.com/product.php?ean=9780738726380 

The Heavens are filled with activities this week right from the start!  Saturday, April 4th, we experience a total lunar eclipse with the full moon in Libra. It’s called the Blood Moon as the Earth’s shadow will create this effect for a short time. Eclipses give us a chance to reveal shadows and release what no longer is serving us, loving examining at any shadow aspects of our life and with the Full Moon in Libra, is around relationships and Justice.   Sometimes it does come with big changes, that cosmic shakeup which has been leading us up to this Lunar Eclipse.  It can be very positive, taking us to a very different place where growth can occur.  Full Moons represents ends and new beginnings and in Libra, it can be difficult since Libra likes harmony and consistency especially in relationships.  But they are needed for us to make good changes and enables us to look at balance in our lives.  Easter and Passover occur this weekend along with the square between the Sun in Aries and Pluto, which gives us a chance to look at the cycles of our life from an astrological and spiritual perspective.  Wednesday, Jupiter ends his retrograde and things start to look up, expand and grow!  And another aspect that can kick things up a notch in a positive way is on Thursday when the Sun in Aries has a super conjunction with Mercury which is in direct motion which effects our communications, travel and commerce. 

For this week’s reading I’m using The Steampunk Tarot, by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell.  The deck  has the Victorian Fantasy of Jules Vernes, Cherie Priest, or Gail Carriger and what Barbara Moore calls “Retro Tech” or “What would the past look like if the future would have happened sooner.” Penny Dreadful a series that is on television on Showtime and the new season is coming up on May 3rd!  Steampunk makes it’s presence known in this show.   I know many of you will enjoy this deck.  So let’s begin looking at the energies for the week and then break them down.

For the beginning of the week, I pulled The Tower card.  I am always amazed how either the astrology or numerology for the month mirrors the cards.  The Tower card portends sudden changes.  It’s astrological correspondence is Mars which is brave and bold and encourages us to change anything that blocks our life purpose.  The Tower is card16 which is a Karmic Number  which represents change and rebirth looking at our core values, it challenges us to make changes and sometimes gives us no choices.  Yes there will be some big changes afoot but we have been noticing them for the past week or so.  The lightning in this card can bring clarity to us when we start to process the changes we see around us.  Like I spoke about above, it’s a cosmic shakeup and wakeup.  The Tower card has it’s wisdom to rebuild again with a solid structure.  I know when these events in my life occurred, I am forever grateful now that I can look back at these at where I was and where I am now.  If this is happening in your life, I wish for you a soft place to land with support of your friends and spirit guides, knowing you will be stronger for it. 

Midweek The Empress, key card 3 in the Major Arcana came out.   April in Numerology is a 3 month, you add the World year of 8 to the month of April a 4 which equals 12 and reduces to a 3.  The woman in this card and several others in this deck reminds me of the mysterious Vanessa Ives played by Eva Green in Penny Dreadful.  The Empress in Tarot creates and expresses herself sensually.  Traditionally the Empress is shown in a pastoral setting with softer colors and can represent pregnancy or birth of new ideas.  This Empress has a different appearance, she has energy that is electric as seen from the spark of magic coming from her hand!  Her other hand is on her stomach, which represents the 3rd chaka, theSolar Plexus chakra and the place where creation begins, our self worth and self esteem.  And a reminder to have the confidence to listen to our gut instincts where the unseen can be known.  Venus is her astrological correspondence, one of passion and beauty.  She guides us to connect with this spark and fire in our life.  We have the power to create what we love.

And the week ends with the Lover’s Card!  I don’t think I have had a weekly reading with three Major Arcana cards.  So there are important messages for us this week.  The Lover’s card is about the choices we make especially in our relationships and partnerships and bringing harmony into our lives.   So we balance our choices around what our heart says, listening to our body and how does that choice feel, along with the inspiration of building something new and better in our lives.  The Astrological association for the Lovers is Gemini, communication, duality as seen here, the masculine and feminine and our light and shadow self.  The Angel in this card is Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing and angels are of the heavens and air, communication which is important in relationships.  So ask your guides or angels for help when you are faced with choices as they can guide us with visions and insight.

And that my friends are the vibes for the week!   If you enjoyed this video, I invite you to click on the Like and Subscribe buttons and share with your friends.   I have included a transcript of the Video in the About section along with a link to The Steampunk Tarot, by Barbara Moore and Aly Fell published by Llewellyn and a link to my website, maggiemoontarot.com if you would like to contact me or schedule a reading.  So until we meet again next week, Laugh often, Love much, Create your own happiness, Believe in miracles, Be kind and Support each other.  


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