Tarot and Astrology Reading for the Week of April 18, 2015 With the Chrysalis Tarot

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Hi I’m Maggie Lukowski from Maggie Moon Tarot and here are the vibes for the Week.  On Saturday, we experience a New Moon in Aries which marks the beginning of the Astrological year.  It is a perfect time to begin a new project, job, or relationships.With New Moons and especially in Aries this is a powerful time to make your New Moon Intentions and Wishes for this lunation and beyond! There is an old saying that at the first sight of the New Moon, flip a silver coin and make a wish and it is also said it will ensure prosperity through the coming month. This Aries moon will help you see beyond your wildest dreams and give you confidence to step out and be seen!  I have these big heart sticky pads that I love to write my intentions on.  They are fun and come in different colors and you can move them around your home.

Then the Sun enters Taurus, Happy Birthday for those born under this sign!  Taurus is associated with love, material resources, luxury, generosity, can be a bit stubborn but has their heart set on their desires and likes results. Since this sign is determined and focused, and with the New Moon energy, it gives our intentions staying power, we have a bit of that wonderful Taurus tenacity.  And then on Tuesday, April 21st, we feel the effects of the Mars powerful trine with Pluto.  Trines are formed by planets that get each other and are generally favorable when they support each other.  There is strength, action, along with profound changes that can occur when these two join forces and work together looking through the lens of the deep reflection, action and positive change for the overall good.  When one of us succeeds with integrity, the vibration is raised for all of us.

For this week’s reading I’m reading with the visionary deck, the Chrysalis Tarot, paintings by Holly Sierra and written by Toney Brooks. Some of the themes in the cards are familiar and others are there to illuminate, inspire and add your own self-reflection. There is a wonderful and welcoming Facebook Study Group called the ChrysalisTarotStudy facilitated and administered by the inspirational Giuliana Maria Ramirez that you can join to post your cards and reflections, sharing with others and see what others are experiencing with this deck. The Chrysalis Tarot is truly a magical journey with mystical messengers. So let’s begin and see who we meet along the way and see what whispers of inspiration they have to share with us.

For the beginning of the week I pulled the Wheel – Key Card 10, The Wheel of Fortune which is about cycles, change. It’s attribute is Consequence. In the card it is evening, and we see the Tree which can be a symbol of The Tree of Life with the Wheel in the forefront along a figure of Fortuna, the Goddess of Fate and Luck. There is s smudge pot with a burning herb, that sweet smell of sage, protection. This week we are not only experiencing a new moon but also the Sun is changing signs. We too can look at opportunities to move forward, being aware of our choices and how they effect ourselves and others. Change can be unsettling but also exciting. There are the change of planets and seasons but there are other indications when change is calling us. I personally feel it in the wind sometimes, it’s a certain feeling in my body or sound that gives me a clue. Or that restless feeling, it’s different for everyone, what is yours? Don’t let anything in your past hold you back from believing that change is possible. We are each responsible for making changes for ourselves, no one can do it for us and every choice we make has consequences even the small ones in life. And like the imagery in the card, we are all a branch on that tree of life, never alone and protected.

The energy Midweek, The Pilgrim, The Page of Scrolls, traditionally the Page of Scrolls/Swords, one of the members of the Troupe, can play the role of the messenger and the attributes in the Chrysalis are one of preserving and endurance. The Pilgrim leaves her place of comfort to embark on a journey of self-discovery and we receive messages along the way for our inner peace. This can be an actually physical journey, one we take up spiritually, or a course of study. It reminds me of stories of walking the Camino de Santiago, over the Pyrenees and across France and Northern Spain which started in Medieval times. The Knights Templar protected the pilgrims as they made their way. It is still walked today by modern Pilgrims from all over the world to take us from our busy lives for a spiritual adventure or inner piece. Everyone walks for their on reason, some walk a portion of the Camino and some reserve time to walk the entire way. I enjoyed reading Sonia Choquette’s book, “Walking Home, a Pilgrimage from Humbled to Healed” where Sonia describes her experiences walking the Camino and how she is changed. When Pilgrims pass each other they often wish each other a “Buen Camino” or good Camino. What spiritual and personal transformations are we looking for, where will we find them, and what are we prepared to do to begin our own journey.

At the end of the week, The Five of Mirrors, the suit of Cups – Forgiveness and the Values are Nourishment and Love. The card’s painting is Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, the Divine Mother rising from the 5 mirrored petals of the Lotus flower. She is a protector of women, children and families She reminds us to have compassion and forgiveness for others but especially ourselves. Release any guilt, shame and judgements and focus on the love and light. Our hurts and wounds will heal faster.

So our week is about living with and in the seasons, willing to flow with change, a journey that might be ahead for us and the gifts of Mercy, Compassion, and Forgiveness.

And that my friends are the vibes for the week!   If you enjoyed this video, I invite you to click on the Like and Subscribe buttons and share with your friends.   I have included a transcript of the Video in the About section along with a link to the and a link to the Chrysalis Tarot and the Facebook Study Group called the ChrysalisTarotStudy facilitated by Juliana (Giuliana) Maria Ramirez, links to find Holly Sierra and Tony Brooks and my website, maggiemoontarot.com if you would like to contact me or schedule a reading.  So until we meet again next week, Laugh often, Love much, Create your own happiness, Believe in miracles, Be kind and Support each other.  Nameste

Brightest Blessings,


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