Aries New Moon Blessings, Flip A Silver Coin and Make a Wish…..

NewMoonwlogoMMTAries New Moon Blessings!  On Saturday, April 18th, we experience a New Moon in Aries which marks the beginning of the Astrological year.  It is a perfect time to begin a new project, job, or relationships.  With New Moons and especially in Aries this is a powerful time to make your New Moon Intentions and Wishes for this lunation and beyond!

There is an old saying about New Moons, that at the first sight of the New Moon, flip a silver coin and make a wish and it is also said it will ensure prosperity through the coming month!   I have these big heart sticky pads that I love to write my intentions on.  They are fun and come in different colors and you can move them around your home.  This Aries moon will help you see beyond your wildest dreams and give you confidence to step out and be seen!

Brightest Blessings,


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