Tarot and Astrology Reading for the Week of May 9, 2015 With Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot

Tarot and Astrology Reading for the Week of May 9, 2015 With Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot

Hi I’m Maggie Lukowski from Maggie Moon Tarot and here are the vibes for the week! 

So Happy Mother’s Day for all those who are mothers or caregivers for animals, children, all beautiful beings on this planet.  A a perfect time since Venus is in the sign of Cancer for the next few weeks.  It’s thinking of how we nurture ourselves and others and how we make our own environment cozy and inviting.   And then on Monday, Mars moves into Gemini.  You might find it hard to focus on just one thing so break things into small time chunks to be able to accomplish your goals.  At the end of the week, Mars is opposite Saturn and you may feel a bit of tug a pull around things, a kind of “Should I do it or should I wait.”  And this week we are in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde occurring the next week.  Since it will be in Gemini it’s all about social activities.    

For this week’s reading I’m reading with with Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot,  Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot
http://www.amazon.com/Llewellyns-Classic-Tarot-Barbara-Moore/dp/0738736082 another gem from the Readers’ Studio in NYC in April! The cards are illustrated by Eugene Smith and the companion book is written by Barbara Moore who will be one of the featured speakers at next’s years Readers’ Studio.  The cards are borderless which I love, beautiful and rich with symbolism, vivid imagery and you can easily move into the card yourself.  The companion book is comprehensive and speaks to the symbols, keywords and rich descriptions along with Correspondences and Reversals.  So let’s talk a look at what cards come out for us this week!

For the message at the beginning of the week I pulled the Ace of Cups.  Last week the Ace of Pentacles or Discs came up.  In this card,  the traditional hand from the cloud extends the Cup to us, and this one is overflowing on to the lotus flowers below and a dove is resting in the Cup holding an olive branch, the symbol of non-judgement, peace, and forgiveness.  The Pink Lotus flowers are a symbol of spiritual awaking.  As Aces are gifts, freely given and can often have a shelf life as indicated by the clouds in the card which will move on. The element is water and talks to us of our emotions, love, hearts desire.  What are we desiring in our life?  What will bring us real peace going forward, and it’s not about anyone else, it is about how we want to feel.   This Ace has the ability to heal us, awaken our heart’s desire and that never ending abundace, and the gift of grace if we choose to drink from the magic that it holds.

The energy Midweek, the Knight of Wands comes out.  The element is fire.   The Knights are about action and in the suit of Wands he might have trouble keeping his focus similar to the Astrology of Mars in Gemini.  There is a high level of passion and energy, looking at the colors in the card.   The red feather and clothing along with the warm colors in the landscape.  This can be exciting! There maybe someone coming who can help us in an area of our life, maybe even a mentor, but considering the energy, it may just be for a short period of time.  Which is ok if we are aware and select something for them to work on that we can complete ourselves if their interest wanes.  If it’s a love interest it can be fun but short lived.  It can also speak of our own ability to get excited about something but not follow through.  Often when I see this card around the projects I am working on, it’s a heads for me to physically get up and move, a little exercise, and to mix things up a bit so I won’t give up or be bored.

At the end of the week, the High Priestess comes up.  She is about our intuition, mysteries and secrets.  Her Astrological correspondence is the Moon and element is Water and we are in a waning moon phase which also is about stillness, inner reflection and the not knowing.  We in our society are all about motion, needing the answers right now we sometimes have a low threshold for waiting.  Her headpiece is of the triple goddess and shows the cycles of the moon and the Pomegranate tree behind her on the tapestry, speaks of Persephone’s journey to the underworld, and the feminine mysteries.  The edge of her gown is shown flowing into the river, things are continually changing and transforming.   I find it helpful to be aware and pay attention to the Moon’s cycles as it can give us beautiful insight on how we move through the month. When this card comes up, it can be about something that can’t be revealed now, there may not be an answer for us right now, we have to go through the experience ourselves and we will find our answer.  But no worries it will come if we take the journey, go into the stillness and listen to our intuition.

So this week we have the gift and grace that the Ace of Cups brings to us, The Knight of Wands to mix things up a bit and add some excitement and we end with the High Priestess, finding the beauty and peace in the stillness, knowing what we need will be revealed at the right time.

And that my friends are the vibes for the week!   If you enjoyed this video, I invite you to click on the Like and Subscribe buttons and share with your friends.   I have included a transcript of the Video in the About section along with a link to Llewellyn’s Classic Tarot and a link to the and my website, maggiemoontarot.com if you would like to contact me or schedule a reading.  So until we meet again next week, Laugh often, Love much, Create your own happiness, Believe in miracles, Be kind and Support each other.  


Maggie Lukowski

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