It’s Time To Make Our New Moon Wishes!


It’s that magical time of the month so don’t forget to make our New Moon Wishes and welcome this beautiful New Moon in Cancer!  It’s an “ET Phone Home” kind of day.  With the Cancer Moon, our home is our sanctuary.  Sometimes we dream of our real home, before we came here on this planet.  Send a love blast from our heart back to those who we love and feel the love returning to us.  It is also a very nurturing and healing New Moon when we allow our feelings and even tears to flow as they can release any pain or hurt from the past to open our hearts for new beginnings.  Cancer’s home is the Moon, and her energy is about feelings of belonging, nurturing, our home and family, growth, changing moods and caregiving.  When we write out our New Moon wishes and clear intentions by hand, our own vibration and energy is sent out into the Universe to name it and claim it, look at what we truly desire for our growth and wellbeing and not be ruled by any fear.  As the moon grows, so do our intentions and we see them manifest even after this lunation!

Brightest Blessing on the beautiful Cancer New Moon!


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