Talking Angels…Tarot and Astrology Reading for the Week of July 25, 2015, with The Angel Tarot

In honor of the magical Radleigh Valentine being a guest on Attune Magazine Radio, the ANGELS LOVE YOU show on Blogtalk Radio, I am reading with the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine, Artwork by Steve A. Roberts published by Hay House Publishing.  The show airs Sunday, July 26, at Noon EDT, and I am honored to be joining the host Jean Maurie Puhlman and Radleigh!  Radleigh will talk about the NEW Advanced Certified Angel Card Class and other exciting things that will be coming out!  We hope you will join us!  Here is a link to the: Angels Love You Radio Show  and no worries, if you miss the show, you can listen from the like in the archives.  So let’s take a look at what messages are coming from the Angels for this week.  You just might find your own special message!

We have just moved into the shining sign of Leo so we can bask in  the Lion’s light, strength, charisma and generous heart!  Saturday, the 25, Venus goes retrograde until early September and will be in the sign of Virgo until the 31st then in Leo for the duration!  In Virgo we look closely at our relationships and finances.  When she stands still in the sign of Leo, it’s about shining the light on what and who we love and reviewing and maybe remembering what brought us here.  Often old loves from the past can come back in with the charm of Leo.  It may be a fun diversion, check in and see what is the motive. Sometimes, relationships seem to stand still so patience is our virtue here.  It’s a wonderful time to do loving things for ourselves.   Then later in the day on Saturday Mars has a run in or sorts with Uranus so if something unexpected comes up, we might want to pas on this one, just stand back and don’t engage.  Sunday Uranus begins his Retrograde until late December.  So the rebel in us looks back on where we have been, how have things worked for us, and can take this time to review what we will put our Spirit and passion.  Then we have our Aquarius Full Moon on the 31st and the second Full Moon this month and at the same time Venus is in Leo!  We started and ended the month with Full Moons!  The Aquarius Full Moon can help us release what no longer serves us. We celebrate all our efforts during the waxing phase of the Moon and the Sun being in Leo, both Leos and Aquarians know how to celebrate!  I like the quote from Allen Ginsberg, “Follow your inner moonlight, don’t hide the madness.” This full moon has the power not only to bless but to amplify energy.  So it’s important to turn up the dial in a positive way on a our vibrations!

For the beginning of the week, The Lovers, came out.  In this deck, the Major Arcana have Archangels associated to each card.  Archangel Raphael is standing majestically behind the Lovers who are resting together in an embrace.  This card talks about intimate relationships, weighing our decisions and our well being in relationship to health.  Depending on the cards around it, I often see the Lovers as choices in different areas.  And we do start the week with our planet of Love and Beauty, Venus going Retrograde so we might revisit a relationship and see how it is feeling for us and what we might need, someone from the past may pop up, it can also be how we are loving and taking care of our body and evaluating any choices around what we love to do.  The Astrological association for the Lovers is Gemini, which speaks of communication and duality.  It’s a time to be clear in our communications as to what we want and take a balanced approach.  The green in this card touches right to our heart chakra and also is the color of healing and love, so if there is any healing that needs to take place, Archangel Raphael is our Angel.  When I worked with Hospice patients, on my drive to their house, I would ask Archangel Raphael to send love ahead, and let me be a channel of comfort for the client and family and see some of their needs that they might not express.  Raphael can help us with not only love but healing wounds from a past relationship or a situation you we might be going through now.  Allow the healing green light of Archangel Raphael fill us with love and have confidence that we can make the right decision when it is time.          

Midweek, the Nine of Fire or Wands comes out. In the card a woman is standing strong with her wand and a dragon is protecting her and what she has created, with the vibrant colors of red, orange, yellow and pink.  Her message not to give up, have courage and believe in ourselves. Astrologically it corresponds to the Moon in Sagittarius that energy is about not being defeated! Fire and Wands often speak of our creativity and passion.  Next to the Lovers, it a strong sign to pause so we don’t burn out, and have time come up with some creative plans.  I am also hearing the message of not being afraid to ask for help.  There are so many people who would love to help us.  By not asking, we will never find out, or give someone that opportunity to give and our lesson to learn to receive.  The number 9 in Numerology is the Old Soul or Wise One and contains all the vibrations of the other numbers.  This fits in with seeking out help or being a mentor to someone.  Midweek be confident in what we are creating, after all we are in the 9s in the Minor Arcana, so we have travelled though the suit of Fire, beginning with the Ace, opportunities, and finding our challenges and success along the way, so we don’t want to give us before the big miracle occurs.    

At the end of the week, The Seven of Earth. This energy suggest a pause in our work to revaluate our next step. A tree stands in a magical forest where gold coins are growing and sprouting, as a fairy walks toward the tree to hold a conversation.  Fairies can powerfully manifest and this is a sign for us.  What conversation might we be having with this fairy. The tree reminds me of each one of us, filled with magic and we are powerful when manifesting too.  Think of a tree and what kind of tree would you image yourself and feel yourself as that tree, what are the attributes, tall, branches point up, out, small and sturdy, or willowy.  When we merge with our tree we also feel a part of nature, feel our deep roots that go down into the earth that feed and nourish us, and we can see the abundance around us.   Seven is a spiritual and magical number in Numerology and also speaks needing alone time to reflect.  This card also reminds us that our seeds are well planted even if we experience some temporary pauses.  We see this in astrology too when planets go retrograde.  We need time to reflect and maybe revise our plans a bit. The astrological association is Saturn in Taurus.  Saturn can ask us to wait before we jump and Taurus with it’s earthly quality loves comfort and abundance.   This card points back to the Nine of Fire, not to give up because we can feel and see our vision, there are helpers of all kinds around us, Angels, Fairies, those in the Unseen Realms, Nature and the our fellow travelers here in this realm. 

And that my friends are the vibes for the week!   If you enjoyed this video, I invite you to click on the Like and Subscribe buttons and share with your friends.   I have included a transcript of the Video in the About section and a link to the Angels Love You radio show on Attune Magazine Radio where Radleigh Valentine will be a guest on Sunday, the 26th of July at Noon and the show will be available in the archives afterwards along with a link to the websites of Radleigh Valentine, Hay House, Jean Maurie Puhlman at Angels Love You and my website  So until we meet again next week, Laugh often, Love much, Create your own happiness, Believe in miracles, Be kind and Support each other.


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