Pause for the Gold! – Angels, Fairies and Those In the Unseen Realms

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At the end of the week, The Seven of Earth. This energy suggest a pause in our work to revaluate our next step. A tree stands in a magical forest where gold coins are growing and sprouting, as a fairy walks toward the tree to hold a conversation.  Fairies are powerful at manifesting and this is a sign for us.  What conversation might we be having with this fairy. The tree reminds me of each one of us, filled with magic and we are powerful at manifesting too.  Think of a tree and what kind of tree would you image yourself and feel yourself as that tree, what are the attributes, tall, branches point up, out, small and sturdy, or willowy.  When we merge with our tree we also feel a part of nature, feel our deep roots that go down into the earth that feed and nourish us, and we can see the abundance around us.   Seven is a spiritual and magical number in Numerology and also speaks needing alone time to reflect.  This card also reminds us that our seeds are well planted even if we experience some temporary pauses.  We see this in astrology too when planets go retrograde.  We need time to reflect and maybe revise our plans a bit. The astrological association is Saturn in Taurus.  Saturn can ask us to wait before we jump and Taurus with it’s earthly quality loves comfort and abundance.   This card points back to the Nine of Fire, not to give up because we can feel and see our vision, there are helpers of all kinds around us, Angels, Fairies, those in the Unseen Realms, Nature and the our fellow travelers here in this realm.

Brightest Blessings,


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