Fan the Fire of Our Desires This Week!

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Fan the Fire of Our Desires this Week!

For the beginning of the week, The Ace of Wands from the Motherpeace Tarot comes out; a birth of new energy, and a celebration of life! Aces are gifts. The element of Wands or Fire symbolize action and ignite passions. When we light a candle, it starts the spark of the life force energy and that of spirit. Astrologically, the Fire signs are Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. In this Ace, an egg is breaking open and the Sun is born and the child is the rebirth of spirit. It’s burst of life and energy is perfect to start the week! We can use this energy for anything we desire, whether it is passion in love, or any areas we choose. So don’t let our spark go out, fan the fire of our desires. I’m keeping this card on my desk to remind me of the potential that this week can bring!

Brightest Blessings!


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