Lucky Jupiter Moves Into Virgo for the Next 12 Months!

Lucky Jupiter moves

Today lucky Jupiter moves into Virgo for the next 12 months really almost 13 months. When a big planet like Jupiter goes into a different sign this effects us all individually and collectively as groups. So if your Sun sign is Virgo, or if it’s your rising or Moon sign, and since Virgo is an earth sign, Capricorn and Taurus this applies to you too. This is an extended period of good fortune. We can all benefit from the Jupiter change so look to see where Virgo/Jupiter is in your chart and that area will benefit! There is also opportunity to travel during this period and you will like it along with boosting our analytical skills, wellbeing, and Virgo like to be productive too! Virgo also rules the abdominal area and intestines which help us assimilate food so there is a emphasis on health and good nutrition to support this region in our body. Virgo is my Moon sign so I am looking forward to the next twelve months in Jupiter.

Brightest Blessings,


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