This Is The Real Stuff of Life!

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This is the real stuff of life, making that connection with each other! Midweek, the Three of Cups comes out from the Crystal Visions Tarot. It’s quite interesting because this card came after the Four of Pentacles where there was an energy in our life holding tightly to resources. But now, the three women in the card are each holding a cup celebrating friendship, starting their own business, maybe a pregnancy, new love, giving gratitude for their good fortune and abundance. The moon is full and reflects in the water which reminds us, we each are mirrors or reflect our feelings and emotions with each other. They are pausing taking a moment to be grateful for what they are celebrating and they do look like they have broken out their best crystal cups! The three mystical lotus flowers hold esoteric secrets and enlightenment. So this week, reach out to a friend to share our good news, or be there for them when they have things to share. This is the real stuff of life, making that connection with each other. You can view the entire video and the cards for the week at my Youtube channel:  Maggiemoontarot or click here!

Brightest Blessings,


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