What Are Your Super Powers? Energy for the End of the Week from The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle

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At the end of the week the Dragon, the makes an appearance from The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle. His super powers are strength and power just like the Strength card in Tarot! So he is our Alley on our journey ahead overcoming obstacles. Dragon’s medicine is one of transformation and protecting and recognizing our treasure which is ourselves, he is the Guardian of our Spirit. He reminds us that our power does not come from the Ego but deep within our Soul. If we have felt powerless in a situation, the Dragon restores our strength, integrity, and power. The power of a Spiritual warrior can never be broken and it does not come from the outside world but the Spiritual unseen realms that we are all a part of. The Dragon also is seen as a symbol in the Chinese culture of wisdom and good luck, as many images show the Dragon giving the Shaman the pearl of wisdom or potentiality. Just as the Grail Knight and Merlin, the Dragon is here to be in our service, and they are with us on the next leg of our journey.  https://youtu.be/rf9p3R-w3Uw

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