Tarot and Astrology Reading for the Week of September 12th, 2015 with The Rainbow Travellers Tarot

Hi, I’m Maggie Lukowski from Maggie Moon Tarot and here are the vibes for the week.  Big energies and opportunities are beginning this week and we are in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde until it starts on, Thursday, the 17th.  This week it’s all about how we take action and how we react.  Sunday, the 13, of September, we experience a New Moon in earthy Virgo, she’s all about planning, clearing out the clutter, brainstorming, health, service, and well being.  New Moons are gifts of new beginnings.  So let’s take the time to start making our New Moon wishes on Saturday!  I really like Jan Spiller’s book, “New Moon Astrology”.  She has great ways to phrase our new moon wishes for each sign. Some for Virgo, I want to easily attract and enjoy a healthy diet into my life, I want to establish good habits or I want find myself analyzing problems with ease that bring happy and helpful results.  Virgo is a perfect energy for this New Moon along with the Partial Solar Eclipse in Virgo on the same day.  Here on the East coast of the US we won’t be able to see the Solar Eclipse. The period for the next weeks until the Total Lunar Eclipse and the Aries Super Moon a Full Moon on the 27th is transformational.  Eclipse season can activate and charge, we feel and some big shifts that can bring huge opportunities.  They open portals of transformation, ascension, for the coming year.   So be prepared for some power shifts as we go through this time. And Thursday, the 17th, Mercury starts his retrograde in Virgo ending on the 9th of October in Libra.  It’s a power day, the 17th adding to an 8 and we are in an 8 month in Numerology in an 8 Year.  Being that Mercury Retrograde starts in Virgo, an earth sign, she is all about the details, we do our reassessing, reevaluating through the stability of Virgo.  She holds our hand which can help us go through this time period a little easier.  She also reminds us when in doubt be of service to someone.  And on the same day, Saturn moves from Scorpio which he has been in for three years to Sagittarius until 2018 which can create some adventure and a bit more lightness ahead. I’ll talk more about this in the weeks to come.

This week I’m reading with the otherworldly Rainbow Travellers Tarot by Carmen Waterman.  http://rainbowtravellers.com/  and on her Etsy site:  https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/119180278/rainbow-travellers-tarot  I chose this deck because of all the big energies coming up in the heavens and Carmen’s deck is very healing.  The cards are borderless, and in a spread it makes a beautiful transition from one energy to the next, can be read traditionally or intuitively.  It’s a dreamy deck.  In the deck, Carmen’s Court Cards are called Guides:    Muses for Pages, Protectors for Knights, Healers as Queens, and Mentors as Kings.  She asks us to believe in more than we can see… which I think will be the theme for the rest of the month too.  So let’s begin!

We have two Major Arcana cards and one of the Royals that came out for us with messages for the week. We first encounter the Death/Rebirth card, key card 13 and the same day of the New Moon in Virgo and partial Solar Eclipse.  This card comes after the Hanged Man in the Major Arcana or in Carmen’s deck it’s called Letting Go, about surrendering and releasing. And she asks us, “What are we holding on to and why.  What is the worst thing that could happen if I let go?”  Rebirth is a transformational card but can only come when we are ready to let go.  Just as the powerful period between the two Eclipses this month and our New Moon this weekend, we have the opportunity for new beginnings and transformation.  Some things in our life are coming to an end and we can surrender for the magic to take place.  In life everything is changing and transforming and when we surrender into the mystery we are ready to be reshaped by Spirit.  In the card it looks like a Phoenix rising.  Some type of spiritual transformation is taking place. Rebirth reminds us it’s time for renewal.  In Carmen’s companion book she asks when this card appears “Am I looking at what has ended and not the potential of the new.”  Yes there is great potential that is about to unfold, and I hear whispers from the Angels and Spirit Beings asking us are we ready?  Say yes!

Midweek the next Major Arcana card, the Tower, key card 16, appears around the same time that Mercury goes Retrograde.  I am never really surprised at the synchronicity of events. There can be some shakeups for some of us and it’s how we handle change.  It’s also about giving us a chance to rebuild from the bottom up with some things in our life. Some of us may feel it in a big way and it might be more subtle for others.  Even though Major Arcana cards do portend big events in our lives, sometimes it points to shifts in smaller events so look closely with that Virgo lens of detail to see how it will appear for each one of us.   As the lightening illuminates the sky, just as with our Virgo Sun, it sheds light on some things in our life and we ourselves become illuminated.  Our light begins to shines brighter.   It can lead us to a path of freedom.  This is a big energy and comes to rock our world but if feel in the end it’s giving us an opportunity.  I like the thought from a Course in Miracles, it’s not the circumstance, it’s what I think about the circumstance.  And I ask myself, what needs to be rebuilt in my life. 

At the end of the week one of the Royals, The Muse of Pentacles, traditionally the Page has a message for us.  Her element is earth just like Virgo, stability, practical, grounded and the Muse is about new beginnings, messages and feeling that inner Muse in ourselves.  The Muse brings everything that is happening around us and grounds it in reality for us, and not letting what is appearing in the outer world distract us or what was in our past.   She asks us, how can I shift this.  It may be a health challenge, something around finances, our business, or successful habits that can be developed. The Butterflies in the card are symbols of transformation and an opportunity for developing our talents along with the orbs of light, spirits being drawn to the heavens  It’s a promise of success if we are willing to listen to our Muse, and take action.  What are the possibilities in our life right now and what action will we take.  There is a magical Muse the one inside us or the others, ones we meet on our path that are there to assist us.

And that my friends are the vibes for the week!   If you enjoyed this video, I invite you to click on the Like and Subscribe buttons and share with your friends.   So until we meet again next week, Laugh often, Love much, Create your own happiness, Believe in miracles, Be kind and Support each other.  



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