Wear your Cape and Summon Your Super Powers!

cartoonish_character_2008013293-1113int.epsIt’s a power day, the 17th adding to an 8 and we are in an 8 month in Numerology in an 8 Year! “Life doesn’t give us purpose. We give life purpose!”  And in Astrology ….today Mercury begins his retrograde in Virgo ending on the 9th of October in Libra, so look to maintain a balance around communications in relationships. Being that Mercury Retrograde starts in Virgo, an earth sign, she is all about the details, we do our reassessing, reevaluating through the stability of Virgo. She holds our hand which can help us go through this time period a little easier. She also reminds us when in doubt be of service to someone. And on the same day, Saturn moves from Scorpio which he has been in for three years to Sagittarius until 2018 which can create some adventure and a bit more lightness ahead.

Brightest Blessings!


Maggie Moon Tarot

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