The Magical Muse – End of the Week Vibes from the Rainbow Travellers Tarot!

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The Magical Muse! At the end of the week one of the Royals, The Muse of Pentacles, traditionally the Page has a message for us from the Rainbow Travellers Tarot by Carmen and

Her element is earth just like Virgo, stability, practical, grounded and the Muse is about new beginnings, messages and feeling that inner Muse in ourselves. The Muse helps us with everything that is happening around us and grounds it in reality for us, not letting what is appearing in the outer world distract us or what was in our past. She asks us, how can I shift this. It may be a health challenge, something around finances, our business, or successful habits that can be developed. The Butterflies in the card are symbols of transformation and an opportunity for developing our talents along with the orbs of light, spirits being drawn to the heavens It’s a promise of success if we are willing to listen to our Muse, and take action. What are the possibilities in our life right now and what action will we take? There is a magical Muse, the one inside us or the Others, the ones we meet on our path that are there to assist us. Let our Muses come together to create magic and a little mischief today!  You can check out my YouTube Video and channel below!


Brightest Blessings,

Maggie Lukowski  – Maggie Moon Tarot



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