The Freedom to Fly – Midweek Tarot

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 9.22.51 AMMidweek another Royal appears, the King of Swords, his element is Air from the Wizards Tarot. He is the Ruler of Air. He leads with confidence, has new ideas, a good communicator and logic are his strong suits. His gifts are hearing the messages on the wind. This comes out around the same time that our Virgo Sun conjuncts Mercury, a portal opens for successful new visions. Eagles are soaring high in the sky behind this King, a symbol of the Great Spirit. Eagle medicine represents clear vision, and can help us look at things with new eyes. The Eagle’s white feathers on his head stand for truth and justice. His gifts are freedom, good timing and accuracy and to take action on our visions. With the King, diplomacy can gives us that advantage. A King is at the pinnacle of his suit, and like the Full Moon at the start of our week, he can also remind us of releasing any old ideas or beliefs that no longer serve us, release the judgement and assumptions around those beliefs as they block our own inspiration, giving us that vision of loving brilliance and the freedom to fly!  You can visit my Youtube channel for the forecast for the week!

Brightest Blessings,


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