Tarot, Beginning of the Week – We will leave the light on for you!

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We will leave the light on for you! At the beginning of the week we go trick or treating with the Five of Pumpkins, or Pentacles from The Halloween Tarot! The number 5 is in the middle of the suit which can represent challenges and adjustments and in Numerology it represents change. It looks like the treat bag has been dropped and all the goodies are scattered on the ground as they are passing by a church with five pumpkins lit in the window. The father dressed as the devil, carrying the cat and looks like a bat has attached itself to his back. He looks a little bedraggled. The child is wistfully looking back at the lost treats. We are not sure what has happened during this loss, but we remember how we treasured our treats on Halloween. The treats can represents our finances, health, career or another type of physical loss. Although there maybe something lacking at this moment, this is just a temporary situation. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the people here, the Divine, our Guides, and Angels. The lights from the pumpkins in the window show hope and sanctuary. Because as we remember in the suit of Pumpkins/Pentacles, the next card, the Six of Pentacles, brings blessings and help.  https://youtu.be/1oDyR_LCHGc

From the Wizard of Oz

“You’re out of the woods

You’re out of the dark

You’re out of the night

Step into the sun

Step into the light

Keep straight ahead for

The most glorious place – on the face —

Of the earth or the sky

Hold onto your breath

Hold onto your heart

Hold onto your hope —

March up to the gate

And bid it open—”

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