Midweek Tarot From The Halloween Tarot

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Have you ever felt you were carrying one too many Imps? Maybe it’s ok to let that one Imp go. Midweek the Ten of Imps, traditionally Ten of Wands, comes out, from the Halloween Tarot published by U.S. Games, Inc. This hunchback character is trying to carry all the Imps and one has escaped as the black cat skulks behind him observing. This hunchback’s eye is on this errant Imp trying to contain the other Imps. Will another one escape, can he make it with all the Imps to his destination. The cat is noticing he might have taken on too much often like we all do from time to time and maybe thinking “not my monkeys, not my circus” as he exits the scene. Historically hunchbacks have been deemed assistants and helpers. Are you saying “Yes” to others, wanting to be helpful, before thinking of the consequences? Maybe you could delegate some of what you would like to get done. Or just say No, I would love to but not at this time. Tens in the suits are about completion and in this suit release so maybe it’s ok to let that one Imp go. Is there something in our lives that we can just let go so we can complete the other things that inspire us?

You can view the vibes for the week on the link below:

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